Northwest Airlines

Northwest Airlines improves flexibility, organization, and storage with LISTA® cabinets and workbenches April 09, 2012
Northwest Airlines is a major airline with maintenance facility in Minneapolis, MN.
Northwest Airlines’ primary maintenance facility featured obsolete storage equipment and workbenches, and the hangar avionics shop had been relocated and reduced in size by 36%.
Northwest had a pressing need to reorganize its shop and optimize available space. Manager of Aircraft Maintenance, Phil Sundberg, expressed, “We have to not only make sure we can locate the proper tools and parts when they’re needed, but we have to ensure that they are properly stored to maintain their integrity.”
LISTA equipment was installed in both the avionics shops and 757, 747, and DC 9 aircraft hangars. “We chose LISTA equipment for its quality and ability to maximize floor space. Just as important, though, was the flexibility of the equipment and the capacity for customization,” said Phil Sundberg.

    Their custom solution included:
  • Industrial workbenches with butcher block tops, used for soldering and repairing wiring harnesses
  • Standard-width, stacked drawer storage cabinets in the avionics shop for components such as black boxes, wiring harnesses, and navigation equipment awaiting repair
  • Computer cabinets

The LISTA installation did far more than increase efficiency and productivity – it provided the entire aviation maintenance department with peace of mind.
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