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C&D Aerospace controls inventory and reduces costs with LISTA® cabinets, workbenches, and tool transporters January 03, 2012
C&D Aerospace in Garden Grove, CA, is a designer and manufacturer of quality aircraft interior components and systems for the world's leading aircraft manufacturers¬–from seats and overhead bins to galleys and lavatories.
C&D Aerospace wanted to centralize its metalworking equipment and tools by building a tool crib that organized all non-recurring tools and equipment.
The tool crib should provide better inventory control and a workspace for tool preparation. In addition, the tool crib had to be aesthetically pleasing for customer visits.

A glass-enclosed tool crib was designed with a system of LISTA drawer storage cabinets, industrial workbenches, and CNC tool transporters. Gary Reece, Corporate Director of Product Support, said, "We knew we wanted a high quality–as well as aesthetically pleasing–solution. We spoke with a few manufacturers but none of them could come close to LISTA in terms of quality, technical capability, and features. LISTA was the only choice."

Pairs of LISTA standard-width cabinets were stacked and fastened together, creating a 10’ high wall of storage running the length of the tool crib. Collapsible safety ladders were added for easy access. Designed to store both small and large items, the easily configurable LISTA drawers allowed C&D to organize all its tools and equipment, from the largest, heaviest parts to the smallest nuts and bolts. Also in the crib are four LISTA butcher block top workstations, ideal for pounding and grinding custom tools.

C&D also relies on LISTA beyond the tool crib. Manufacturing engineers use LISTA tool transporters to move tools from crib to machine, where each machine has an accompanying LISTA workbench. And workbenches with stainless steel tops are used for part inspections in the Quality Control Lab.


C&D Aerospace realized great benefits from the tool crib, including reduced set-up times for machines and an increased use of equipment, both of which resulted in cost reductions. Prep time has been reduced from 20-30% of production time to about 8%. Plus, with all non-recurring elements moved from machines and properly organized in the crib, the company increased use of the equipment.

"We achieved what we wanted to and then some from the LISTA system. Our operation is running more efficiently. Additionally, the LISTA solution is aesthetically pleasing, which impresses our customers and boosts employee morale. That is icing on the cake," said Gary Reece.

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