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Flexible, functional, and affordable dental lab furniture solutions.
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LISTA® dental workstations, plaster benches, pre-configured casting benches, processing area cabinets, and case pan carts provide exceptional functionality and flexibility to help technicians be their most productive.
Modular Dental Technician Workstations
Arlink® 8000 workstations provide technicians with critical ergonomic support on the job. Their reconfigurable, modular design easily evolves to suit your needs.
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    • Adjustable. Worksurfaces and shelves adjust in 3" increments
    • Overhead lights. Adjustable to tailor optimum illumination to each technician
    • Size options. Worksurface is 24” deep and available in 2 widths and heights
    • Worksurface options. Choose from a variety of durable materials
    • Flexible drawer options. Available in multiple hanging- or mobile-drawer configurations (lap drawer included)
    • Shelving. Comes with 9"-deep lab-style wire case pan shelves and a cabinet pull-out shelf
    • Air hose/nozzle assembly. Included with workstation
    • Optional downdraft dust collection. Can be installed in worksurface (includes stainless workplate and eye shield)
    • Cord and hose access. In both the side and rear of workstation
All-Purpose Dental Technician Workbenches
The Arlink® 7000 technician workbench is an affordable, all-purpose workbench that can be customized with a range of worksurface materials and accessories.
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    • Footprint options. Include 48” x 30” or 60” x 30” (other sizes available)
    • Worksurface options. Standard laminate, solid surface material, or phenolic resin 
    • Standard color. Bench is Light Gray with Dark Gray decorative skirting panels 
    • Optional leg extenders. With leveling glides
    • Lap drawer included. Add optional hanging drawer cabinets for additional storage
    • Optional 24” H above-worksurface accessory system. Includes 2 open-wire, 9”-deep pan shelves and 8-outlet power strip
    • Optional 45” H above-worksurface accessory system. Includes 2 open-wire 9”-deep case pan shelves, a high-output light fixture with color correct bulbs, and 8-outlet power strip
    • Additional optional features. Task lights, stainless steel work plates, air hose/nozzle assembly, and jet port for dust collection
Plaster Benches
LISTA® plaster benches provide dental technicians with a clean, functional, and spacious work area and generous storage for related equipment and trash cans.
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    • Size options. Benches are approximately 37” high and available in 2 lengths: 85" and 125"
    • Spacious worksurface. Stainless steel worksurface with marine edges is 30” deep with a 4” high backsplash, and includes a trash chute and fully integrated, seamless 16” x 20” x 8” sink
    • Sink positioning options. Can be located left, right, or center (includes a faucet set and sink basket)
    • Heavy-duty storage. Bench includes shelf cabinets and a drawer cabinet with two 440 lb. capacity drawers for plaster storage
    • Hinged door cabinet. Included for trash can storage
    • Color options. Choose from 10 standard paint colors
    • Other custom sizes and configurations. Available upon request
Processing Area Cabinets
Create a space-efficient lab storage solution that's tailored to your unique facility space and supports technician productivity.
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    • Sink cabinet included. With your choice of welded or drop-in sink
    • Configurable cabinets. 29”-high wall cabinets are available in 10 different widths with open shelves, or with sliding, hinged, or Plexiglas® doors
    • Configurable wire shelves. Available with wall-mounted wire shelves for case pan storage (shelves are 36” or 48” H, and 9" or 12" deep)
    • Durable worksurface options. Select your choice of worksurface, including stainless steel (with or without marine edges), high-pressure laminate, resin, and solid surface material (Corian®, Gibraltar)
    • Other fixtures available. Such as gas service, eye wash, and faucets

     Plexiglas is a registered trademark of ARKEMA FRANCE.
     Corian is a registered trademark of E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company.

Case Pan Carts
Versatile case pan carts combine case pan storage with the easy transportability of Nexus® System trolleys for a stable, highly mobile case pan management solution.
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    • Mobile base. Includes 2 swivel and 2 locking 3.5" swivel casters, and side push handle
    • Mountable shelves. Can be mounted flat or at an angle
    • Size options. 54" high cart is available in three widths: 30", 36" and 48"
    • Configuration options. Choose from a single-sided or double-sided configuration (single-sided includes 3 open 9"-deep wire case pan shelves; double-sided includes 6 open 9"-deep wire case pan shelves)
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