Technician Series Toolboxes

LISTA's Technician Series toolboxes combine rugged design with maximum cubic storage and weight-bearing capacity for an unrivaled performance.

Technician Series Toolboxes

Add your own style to your toolbox. LISTA® offers five standard colors for Technician Series toolboxes. As you view colors, keep in mind that color calibration can vary considerably from monitor to monitor. If color accuracy or matching is key to your decision, call our customer service department at 800-523-9462 to request a standard paint color guide,  or request a paint color chip.
TSDW07C04-1101-FT-FW_layer-0 TSDW07C04-1101-FT-FW_layer-1 TSDW07C04-1101-FT-FW_layer-2

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Rock Solid Drawer Construction

When we say our drawers provide unequaled performance, we have the results to back up that claim. To test our drawers, we complied with the RAL-RG 614 standard from the German Institute of Quality Assurance and Marking, a globally respected standard. This test required our drawers to pass a series of difficult test criteria. In these demanding tests, LISTA excelled. Our suspensions exceeded the required number of cycles, even fully loaded at 440 lbs., without diminished performance.
Rock solid drawer construction - toolboxes