STAK System®

Dynamic pallet-based storage and handling system.
STAK System Overview
Explore the different options of the STAK System ® with the 2K STAK System ®, 4K STAK System ® Hazmat STAK System ® and Adjustable Racking System (ARS).
2K STAK System®
The STAK System is loaded with features to save space and maximize productivity.
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    • Fully modular. Rack capacity is 25,000 lbs. per section and and 50,000 lbs. per bay (seismic zones 1 and 2)
    • Pallets placed in 4" vertical increments. Items can be stored just where you want them, and are positioned via a positive engagement system
    • Ergonomic handling. Unique handling device maneuvers on four axes, creating 360-degree flexibility – makes removing even large loads easy
    • Simple, intuitive positioning. Enables the operator to relocate a pallet quickly, accurately, and safely (pallets are removed and replaced by guiding the mast to the new position)
    • Easy-to-learn and easy-to-use controls. No license or certification required
    • Mast hovers over floor. For ease of use on uneven surfaces
4K STAK System®
The ultimate single-operator storage solution, 4K STAK System is designed for the storage of larger and heavier items (up to 4,000 lbs.)
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    • Single operator. From one convenient operator’s position, 4K STAK System keeps hard-to handle items accessible and organized
    • Fully motorized directional movements. Same main elements as 2K STAK System
    • Ergonomically designed cab. 4K operator’s cab has all controls on board and provides clear sight lines
    • Cab safety features. Including platform control pedal, protective canopy, hand guards, cab back, removable key switch, and e-stop emergency button
    • Two types of operator control stations. Cage-pendant controls direct movement on all four axes and are mounted on the mast; walk-behind with detachable controls allows operator to stand off to the side to increase visibility
Hazmat STAK System®
Designed specifically for the storage, staging, and retrieval of 55-gallon hazardous material drums, the HazMat STAK System gets your drums off the floor and into their own dedicated storage system without having to use a forklift.
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    • Safe and ergonomic operation. Present in every detail, from pneumatic operation to bright yellow color – all HazMat STAK System storage units carry factory mutual system approval
    • One-deep drum storage. Drums are always visible so potential problems can be easily detected
    • Heavy-duty. Can efficiently manage loads up to 2,000 lbs.
    • Flow-through pallets. Specifically designed to allow sprinkler system water to flow through the pallets
    • Personal protective equipment cabinet included. Fast-access cabinet fully stocked with a spill kit (containing puncture repair putty and absorbent mats, socks, and pillows capable of cleaning up a 60-gallon spill), 20 pairs of shield gloves, 25 pairs of disposable boots, 12 pairs of goggles, and an emergency response handbook
    • Universal drum handler. Available as an alternative to the standard drum handler, allowing you to handle both steel and fiber drums with a special double-clamping mechanism (easily removable for standard fork handling)
ARS - Adjustable Racking System
A completely flexible heavy-duty storage solution, the ARS Adjustable Racking System allows super-efficient storage of items of varying size and weight. Like the STAK System®, the ARS is based on a system of removable, positionable pallets.
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    • Utilizes fork trucks. System for moving pallets with fork trucks (differs from STAK System which uses a mast and bridge assembly)
    • Heavy-duty strength. Roll-formed columns provide double-strength rest hooks on 7-3/4" centers, and pallets are reinforced with double-layer steel surfaces, allowing for maximum-density pallet positions
    • High weight capacity. Heavy-duty columns provide 25,000 lb. capacity per storage section (seismic zones 1 and 2)
    • Pallet fork guides. Ensure proper engagement and provide additional structural support – opposing cross members provide total surface support stability
  • Cantilever Overhang
    Cantilever Overhang
    Allows lifting device to travel beyond racking with four feet of overhang – ideal for parts staging or transfer.
  • STAK System - Drum Storage
    Drum Storage
    Barrels and heavy drums can be stored horizontally in our steel cradles, or stored vertically. 
  • STAK System - Flow Through Pallet
    Flow-Through Pallet
    Allows sprinkler system water to flow through pallet.
  • Master Floor Lock - STAK
    Mast/Floor Lock
    Holds mast in place while items are being transferred from pallet.
  • Master Rotation Restraint - STAK
    Mast Rotation Restraint
    Automatically positions mast at 90° intervals (parallel and perpendicular to aisle). Can be disengaged to provide 360° continuous rotation.
  • Motorized Bridge - STAK
    Motorized Bridge
    Travels at 135 feet per minute. Recommended on systems with long runs and high activity.
  • Pallet Support Frame - STAK
    Pallet Support Frame
    One-piece frame is used to store loads on skids and is available in varying widths.
  • Rear Column Bracket - STAK
    Rear Column Brackets
    Bolt to rear columns to convert unused space into manual storage space.
  • STAK System - Rear Lip Pallet
    Rear-Lip Pallet
    Centered on pallet, 1-1/4”-high rear lip increases security by preventing items from extending beyond pallet.
  • Reel Storage - STAK
    Reel Storage
    Steel brackets are attached to pallet for storage of wire rope, cable, tubing, hosing, and more.
  • STAK System - Safety Mesh
    Safety Mesh
    Flush-mounted nylon mesh or expanded metal, safety-rated up to 1,000 lbs. per square foot for 2K STAK Systems® and up to 4,000 lbs. per square foot for 4K STAK Systems®.
  • Steel Pallet - STAK
    Steel Pallet
    Available in a variety of standard sizes, six widths, and four depths.
  • STAK System - Tire Storage
    Tire Storage
    Cross bars secure up to six standard tires or four oversized tires. Tire storage pallet can be loaded directly to and from delivery truck, eliminating a transport step.
  • Master Floor Lock - STAK
    Trolley Lock
    Secures lifting device in the middle of aisle for ease of use on longer systems.
  • Tub Kit - STAK
    Tub Kit
    Four sidewalls are available in three heights: 4-7/8”, 8-3/4”, and 12-5/8”.
  • Tub Kit P and D - STAK
    Tub Kit Dividers and Partitions
    Sidewall and front-to-back partitions plus dividers allow compartmentalization of pallets.
  • Tub Kit - STAK
    Tub Kit with Drop Front
    Items can be easily removed when front wall is dropped (available in 4-7/8”, 8-3/4", and 12-5/8” heights).
  • STAK System - Wire Basket
    Wire Basket
    Easy-to-see storage for small or irregular items.
  • STAK System - Work in process cart
    Work-in-Progress Cart
    Cradles entire pallet for easy, fast delivery. Utilizes two fixed and two swivel casters with locks.
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