Jensen Aviation Case Study

Jensen Aviation discovers strengths of LISTA® heavy-duty solutions March 07, 2012
Jensen Aviation in Salt Lake City, UT, is an aviation engine conversion shop handling everything from replacing piston engines with turbine engines, to airframe upgrades, to wing and landing gear extensions.
When the company built its new-from-the-ground-up facility, it was time to get new shop equipment.
Owner Jay Jensen needed rugged storage and workspace equipment, as many of the parts and tools his technicians work with are extremely heavy.

Jensen Aviation tried some cabinets from a LISTA competitor in the past, but found them to be lacking both in durability and functionality. Once he discovered all the benefits and strengths of LISTA storage systems, Jay Jensen knew he could go one-stop-shopping to meet all his facility's needs.

Jensen Aviation's new storage system was comprised of an array of LISTA products, including a shallow depth Storage Wall® system, an array of modular drawer storage cabinets (standard and shallow depth), overhead cabinets, and mobile cabinets.

The Storage Wall system had the ideal dimensions to create a unique catwalk that took advantage of vertical space while fitting nicely in a 48" wide hall. The system, which is comprised of both drawers and shelves, is home to a variety of machine-shop tools like milling cutters housed in LISTA's grooved trays, arbors, and lathe chucks.


All of the drawers in Jensen Aviation's Storage Wall system and cabinets are subdivided into custom compartments to give tools and parts a fitting home. But it's the weight-bearing capability of the drawers that really impresses.

Jensen says, "These drawers have to hold full sets of drills and reamers, heavy engine parts, and raw materials like stainless steel bars. With their 440 lb. load capabilities, even at full extension, and full sidewalls, the LISTA drawers simply hold much more than other cabinet drawers. They really delivery a heavier gauge steel than competitive cabinets, at no more cost. Only the LISTA cabinets offer the strength and quality to meet our unique needs."

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