Storage for Medical Manufacturing

Versatile workstations and integrated solutions for all your medical manufacturing needs.
Our flexible storage and workspace solutions meet the diverse needs of medical manufacturing facilities.
Modular Arlink® 8000 Workstations
Modular Arlink 8000 workstations are easy to reconfigure and highly adaptable, so you’ll always have the right workstation for the job.
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    • Cost-effective. Ideal for assembly, test and repair, R&D, and anywhere else you need improved ergonomics and productivity
    • Definite Positioning System™. Allows easy, secure placement and reconfiguration of accessories, so your system grows and changes with your needs
    • Starter and adder system. Links workstations to create infinite layout options quickly, easily, and inexpensively
    • 5 standard section widths and column heights. Section widths mix and match to suit your needs
    • Maximum structural integrity. Columns constructed from high-strength, cold-rolled steel
    • Easily transportable. Allows for fast layout changes
    • Optional task lighting. Provides illumination for the most exacting work
    • Optional storage. Hanging drawers and overhead cabinets can be securely added anywhere (LISTA® mobile and stationary drawer storage cabinets also make excellent companion cabinets)
    • Contemporary colors. Components powder coated in attractive Light Gray or Sand (other colors available on request), and a choice of 10 trim colors
    • Static-safe. Comes with complete ESD solutions: static dissipative worksurfaces, ESD paint, grounding accessories, grounding blocks, and static-safe storage boxes
ESD Workstations
Industry demands and standards require electrostatic dissipative (ESD) workstations that provide a static-safe environment to control static electricity. The first line of defense for ESD prevention is to ensure all workers who handle ESD-sensitive components are grounded. For areas that require ESD protection and a static-safe environment, LISTA® offers a selection of ESD products as well as static-safe accessories such as wrist straps and cords, and grounding blocks.
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    • Static dissipative plastic laminate worksurface. Dove Gray plastic laminate over a particleboard core meets specific electrical property requirements, assuring static dissipation at a safe rate (includes ground cord)
    • Ground kits included. Supplied with all static dissipative worksurfaces and shelves
    • Wrist strap and ground block. Mounts to underside of work surface and features dual receptacles for 2 wrist straps
    • ESD isolation kit. Prevents a redundant ground with cabinet/worksurface grounding systems – for use when powered items are used with instrument riser shelf
    • 3 color options. Our durable powder coat finish is available in three ESD colors – Bright Blue, Black, and Light Gray
    • Height and power options. Instrument riser shelves available in your choice of heights with built-in electrical power of 15 amp, 20 amp, 15 amp GFCI, or 20 amp GFCI 
    • Customizable rear panel. Choose between solid, louvered, or pegboard instrument riser shelf rear panel
    • Conductive plastic boxes. Ensure static-free storage of sensitive electronics
Workstations with Dust Collection
Give your technicians workstations that boost ergonomic comfort and productivity. LISTA® Arlink® 8000 technician workstations are the perfect blend of versatility, reconfigurability, and affordability.
Available in a range of heights and widths and either single-sided or double-sided configurations, it's the most modular, flexible, re-configurable Technician Bench available today.
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    • Worksurface material options. Choose from standard laminate, stainless steel, solid surface material, or phenolic resin
    • Vaniman dust collector. Installs in worksurface and interfaces with downdraft module
    • Stainless workplate and eye shield. Included with workstation
    • Pullout shelf. Included in cabinet, with cord and hose access through side and rear
Clean Room-Safe Workstations
LISTA® workspace systems bring flexibility and efficiency to your medical manufacturing clean room.
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    • Clean room-rated. Arlink® 8000 workbenches are certified for use in a Class 10,000 clean room per the USA Federal Standard 209E and in a Class 7 clean room per ISO 14644 International Clean Room Standard
    • Highly configurable design. Workstations can be matched to your space and unique requirements
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From workbenches and workstations to cabinets and accessories, many of our LISTA® products ship within a week of your order – so instead of waiting, you're working.