Greg Landgraf Hobby Workshop

Landgraf Scales Up his Workshop with LISTA April 08, 2011

Greg Langraf builds large-scale aerobatic model airplanes from kits in his home workshop. Some of his recent projects include construction of a Midwest Extra 300 SX with a Zenoah G45 engine and digital servos, and a Fun Fly 51 with OS46FX engine. He's also looking ahead to building an Ohio RC 87" Giles G300, Extra 300S. He says it's a passion that goes way back to his early days.

"I built model planes when I was a kid, and I got back into it a few years ago. I build aerobatic planes (so far I've built about 9 or 10), mostly with gas engines, and I fly them with the Upper Valley Prop Busters club in central New Hampshire."

Co-owner of New England Industries, Inc., a metal-stamping company, Greg knows that it takes the right tools and the right organization to make the most successful use of his time and skills. "I started out building planes on a big kitchen table, but I had to keep adding tables for all my stuff!" he says. "I knew I needed workbenches to give me storage for all the little pieces you have in model building."

Hangar in the basement.

When Greg's hobby proved to be too overwhelming for the space in his kitchen (not to mention his family), he moved his operation to the basement. He then turned to LISTA for the workspace organization and storage solutions required to keep his projects flying: workbenches with butcher block tops and drawer storage for a variety of tools and supplies, plus door cabinets with roll-out trays for storage of large power tools.

The quality of LISTA is nothing new to Greg. "I have LISTA products at work in our machine shop, press shop and work cells. I've always been impressed with their good looks and weight-bearing capacity. For my home shop, I wanted the same finished look with LISTA's great fit and finish, and the smooth rolling action of the drawers. Their feel is really professional. And the subdividable drawers were important to me for storage."


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