Shelf Cabinets

Efficient, accessible storage for large or bulky items – available with or without lockable doors.
Add your own style to your workspace. LISTA® offers an entire palette of standard, premium, and custom colors to suit a range of needs.
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  • ButcherBlockTop_FilterListing
    Butcher Block
    Creates a clean, attractive look that's also functional.
  • DoubleHingedDoor_FilterListing
    Double Hinged Doors
    Double hinged door provides complete visibility and convenient access to all cabinet contents.
  • Flush Hinged Doors - Shelf Cabinets
    Flush Hinged Doors
    Single locking door with integrated handle protects cabinet contents.
  • HaspLock_FilterListing
    Hasp Lock
    Secured with a padlock and used with hinged and double-hinged cabinet doors.
  • HingedLockBar_FilterListing
    Hinged Lock Bars
    Mounts to front of cabinet for use with secure padlock.
  • Keyed Shelf Storage
    Cylinder locks come standard on our drawer cabinets and feature an easily replaceable removable core.
  • Keyless - Drawer Storage
    Enables easy keyless access to cabinets.
  • PhenolicResin_FilterListing
    Phenolic Resin
    Designed for laboratory use, phenolic resin helps resist chemicals, stains, and discoloration.
  • PlasticLaminateTop_FilterListin
    Plastic Laminate
    Top off your cabinet with a counter that's sleek yet durable.
  • RetainerTop_with_MatSilo_FilterListing
    Retainer Top with Mat
    Provides extra stability to prevent items from sliding off worksurface.
  • RetractableDoor_FilterListing
    Retractable Doors
    Sliding door retracts into cabinet frame for complete cabinet access.
  • StainlessSteelCover_FilterListing.
    Stainless Steel Cover
    Adds additional durability and protection to your cabinet worksurface.
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