Schmersal Distribution Center

Schmersal distribution center picks LISTA Storage Wall® system to achieve 40% space savings August 29, 2014


Schmersal, Elmsford, NY. Leading distributor of industrial safety products and switches.


Schmersal had outgrown its warehouse space and needed a new distribution center that would afford ample room for present and future storage.


Schmersal wanted to improve organization and optimize space when they moved to their new warehouse.


LISTA's shallow depth Storage Wall® system proved an ideal solution for Schmersal's needs.

By replacing their industrial shelving with five rows of Storage Wall® sections, Schmersal was able to save 40% of their warehouse space. Within the modular Storage Wall® drawers, Schmersal stores electronic components and accessories of disparate size and shape, such as interlock switches, connectors, conduit adapters, turnbuckles, etc. They are able to organize their storage according to product family, which greatly enhances inventory control and reduces order picking time.

To complete their system, Schmersal also purchased eight LISTA industrial workbenches. Arranged as individual workstations, and as an on-line order staging area, these workbenches serve multiple functions – from receiving and packaging to final inspection stations.


Schmersal is enjoying a range of benefits from the complete LISTA system, including improved organization, productivity and aesthetics. But overall, the most notable benefit has been the space gain in the warehouse.

"The LISTA system delivered an overall space-savings that will accommodate 25% growth over the next several years. You just can't get that from conventional industrial shelving."

– Bruce Eylmann, Operations Manager


Industrial Workbenches