Nexus® Packing Bench

Pack and ship with organization and efficiency.
  • Nexus Packing - Adjustable Shelf
    Adjustable Shelf
    Adjustable steel shelf can support up to 100 lbs.
  • Workbenches_BottomShelf_FilterListing
    Bottom Shelf
    Maximize your workspace storage by adding a bottom shelf beneath your worksurface.
  • ButcherBlockTop_FilterListing
    Butcher Block
    Creates a clean, attractive look that's also functional.
  • StainlessSteelCover_FilterListing.
    Galvanized Steel
    Heavy-gauge galvanized steel stands up to the most punishing use.
  • HangingDrawers_FilterListing
    Hanging Drawer
    Store smaller items in a hanging drawer cabinet for easy access and retrieval.
  • Lista_Top_on_Bench_FilterListing
    LISTA® Top
    Sanded, oil-resistant pressed wood surface suits many demanding applications.
  • Nexus Packing Bench - Louvered Panel
    Louvered Panel
    Attach plastic bins to steel louvered panels to store small items above the worksurface for easy access.
  • Nexus Packing Bench Roll Holder
    Roll Holder
    Dispense paper, bubble rolls, and other packing and shipping supplies with ease.
  • Nexus Packing Bench - Starter Frame
    Starter Uprights
    Attach Nexus® accessories to starter uprights to create a more functional workspace.
  • HangingDrawers_FilterListing
    Three-Drawer Cabinet
    Keep files and other loose items properly organized and contained.
  • Nexus Packing Bench - Wire Divider
    Wire Dividers
    Galvanized wire dividers help keep boxes organized.
  • Nexus Packing Bench - Wire Divider
    Wire Dividers
    Create organized shelf storage with galvanized wire dividers.
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