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Westervelt Co. stacks up maintenance savings with LISTA mezzanine May 19, 2014


Westervelt Co., Demopolis, AL. Manufacturer of bleached paperboard, used for everything from food cartons to poster board for schools.


"Our old system was terrible. It had been spread out over four or five buildings, which was very inconvenient. And because it was all located on one level, it ate up a tremendous amount of floor space. In addition, the area was not being managed efficiently and parts were everywhere." 

  – John Harris, Supervisor of Stores

The inevitable consequence of this disorganized, inefficient storage was a loss of both time and money.


Westervelt Co. (formerly Gulf States Paper) sought a flexible, durable and cost-effective storage system.


Westervelt purchased a total of 260 standard-width cabinets from LISTA, which house a diverse array of items – everything from motors, tools and static-sensitive parts to office products like envelopes and legal pads.

The cabinets that have had the most dramatic impact are the 49 cabinets contained in two mezzanine systems, where shelf cabinets are stacked above drawer storage cabinets.

"We decided that a mezzanine system was the most economical, space-efficient way to go. It's more cost effective to build an additional mezzanine than an entire floor. And we can build new mezzanines as needed, increasing storage space without significantly decreasing floor space."

  – John Harris

The cabinet drawers, which range from 2" to over 8" in usable height, are outfitted with dividers and partitions to create customized compartments. So they can easily accommodate the diverse dimensions of the items being stored.


"Everyone who uses the LISTA system loves it. From the stores clerks who receive items to the issue clerks who fill requests, they all know exactly how many parts are in a particular drawer and exactly where the parts are located. The system has made everyone's life easier."

      – John Harris


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