Genesee County Road Commission

LISTA workspace system keeps MRO stock traffic moving at Genesee County Road Commission June 23, 2013


Genesee County Road Commission, Flint, MI. County vehicle maintenance facility, servicing over 300 vehicles (from cars to graders to loaders).


The department was housed in a garage area with disorganized overflow stuffed in a cramped space. They were using metal and wood shelving that was over 30 years old, and parts were stored in various locations on shelves, on tabletops and even on the floor.


When the department moved to a new facility, a top-to-bottom rethinking of storage and workspace systems was required.


The maintenance department is now a model of procedural effectiveness, efficient inventory management and complete wall-to-wall organization, thanks to an overhaul of the facility's storage and workspace equipment and the introduction of a new high density storage system from LISTA.

The Commission's storage solution covers a huge range of LISTA offerings:

  • 6 workstations
  • an issue counter
  • 42 modular drawer cabinet combinations of varying width and depth
  • 81 sections of the Storage Wall® system
  • a shipping/packaging station

The facility's Equipment Department stockroom has perhaps seen the greatest transformation. The department is housed in a completely renovated space that has twice the storage capacity and no stock overflow. LISTA's Storage Wall® systems, with their unique combination of drawers, shelves, wide-span beams and roll-out trays, were the hero in what proved to be a dramatic transformation.

"The LISTA products have improved our organization and efficiency. It's surprising the number of items you can put in a drawer in comparison to a shelf." 

– Tim Sabin, Operations/Equipment Director

These systems, along with an array of custom-configured LISTA modular drawer storage cabinets, are home to all the parts mechanics use to repair and maintain vehicles, including coil filters, spark plugs, oil filters, starters, engine parts and more. Larger, bulky items – including an extensive library of equipment repair manuals – still reside on shelves where they can be readily and easily accessed. But the smaller parts have snug, secure and protected homes in LISTA's compartmentalized drawers. And thanks to LISTA drawers' 440 lb. capacity, even extremely heavy parts such as lift cylinders, starters, alternators and batteries can be safely stored in the drawers.

"With the LISTA workstations, we've not only consolidated space, but have set up the area so that everything we use has an official home."

– Tim Sabin

The workstations can hold a large number of items, including files. Each workstation is paired with a LISTA locker where workers can store clothing and personal items.

The workstations are located directly behind a new issue counter that wraps around the outer perimeter of the room. This custom-configured issue counter features LISTA modular drawer cabinets and butcher block tops to create a truly practical workspace. Stock keepers can now store fast moving parts like wire ends, spray lubricants and paints right at their fingertips, and at the point of issuance.


"The LISTA storage system has allowed us to organize our parts, equipment and workspace so that everything is readily accessible, inventory is better managed, and we have a much more efficient use of space. LISTA is not in it for the short term – they're going to be there to take care of any needs we may have down the road. Even though we've never had a problem, we know they’ll be there if we need assistance. We wouldn't hesitate to work with them again."

– Tim Sabin


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