Medical Tool Storage

Our flexible storage and workspace solutions meet the diverse needs of medical manufacturing facilities.
Storage Wall® Systems
Take full advantage of your vertical space with the most versatile storage system on the market. Our unique Storage Wall System is ideal for storing work in progress, repair supplies, electronic devices, test instruments, and small- and medium-sized parts. Plus, our design and technical support team can help you create a solution that best suits your space and needs – free of charge.
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    • Versatile and space-saving. Customizable combination of drawers, shelves and/or roll-out trays to store items of diverse sizes and shapes – all in a single unit
    • Modular configuration. Arrange and rearrange your layout to meet evolving storage and retrieval needs
    • Maximizes vertical space. Select from 6 standard heights of up to 10 ft. for more space-efficient storage that can reduce the amount of floor space used
    • Stackable. Stack individual systems up to 4-high or arrange as multi-story installations with mezzanines for even greater vertical storage and access
    • Choice of depth. Choose full-depth systems to easily store and retrieve a variety of large and small items, or shallow-depth systems where aisle and floor space is critical 
    • Space-efficient drawers. Drawers and roll-out trays slide out 100%, even with a full 440 lb. load, for complete use of cubic space and easy access to all contents
    • Flexible layout. Adjustable drawers, shelves, and trays can be combined in any sequence in any section and easily rearranged
    • Track-guided safety ladder. Makes getting to parts easy – and ladder folds flat when not in use so aisle is never blocked
Tool Storage Cabinets
The shop floor is a busy, demanding environment. That's why you need tool storage solutions that can stand up to punishing use while also protecting your valuable tooling investment. Our shop floor CNC tool storage cabinets can be configured and equipped to meet your specific needs.

Flexible combinations of drawers and roll-out trays are secured behind lockable hinged or sliding doors to protect tools from your working environment. The addition of a butcher block top or retainer top with ribbed mat provides a highly functional worksurface.
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  • MTC9150 Machine Tool Cabinets

    • 28.25" W x 29.5" D x 39.375" H
    • Lower hinged door compartment contains 3 drawers, a roll-out tray and separate 2-drawer upper level
    • Available with a wide selection of tool holder sizes


    MTC900 Machine Tool Cabinets

    • 28.25" W x 29.5" D x 39.375" H
    • Hinged door cabinet contains drawers and a roll-out tray
    • Lower drawer is fitted with a frame and tool holders, and upper drawers are partitioned for small tools and accessories


    MTC900-5 Cabinets

    • 56.5" W x 30.75" D x 39.375" H sliding door cabinet
    • Left side contains 6 drawers and a roll-out tray and right side has 2 drawers
    • Available with a wide selection of tool holder sizes
Tool Transporters
You demand a lot from your tool transporters – and when it comes to sheer strength, maneuverability, and adaptability, our CNC tool transporters set the standard.
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    • Durable. With rugged durability and superior construction in rigid steel frames and tubular steel handles, LISTA® transporters stand up to almost any abuse
    • Easy transfer. LISTA tool holders and trays are designed to fit securely into tool transporters without the use of bolts, allowing safe and easy transfer from drawer to transporter (and back)
    • Customizable. Create a customized tool trolley from our wide range of tool holders, shelves, and tool inserts
    • Adjustable. Side panels are slotted at 1" intervals for easy positioning and adjustment of trays, frames, shelves, and other accessories
    • Casters included. Includes 2 fixed and 2 swivel lockable 6” x 2” casters for optimum traction and maneuverability
    • Heavy-duty capacity. 2400 lb. total load capacity and 600 lb. per caster capacity supports even the most demanding applications
Industrial Workbenches
Built for high performance in the harshest environments, LISTA® industrial workbenches work hard for you.
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    • Heavy-duty welded legs. Provide extra support in rugged applications (leveling glides included)
    • Customizable pedestal supports. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles
    • Multiple below-worksurface options. Choose from 11 different drawer heights, as well as roll-out trays and hinged door compartments with shelves
    • Ergonomic flush drawer handles. Helps ensure that nothing protrudes when drawers are closed (drawer handles are located at top of drawer)
    • Removable lock core. For greater security and easy replacement
    • Compatible with a full range of accessories. Create the exact bench you need with the Nexus® Accessory System or a variety of other productivity-enhancing shelves and accessories
    • Optional casters. So you can move, reconfigure, and clean your work areas with ease