Mercedes-Benz Training Center

Mercedes-Benz Training Center learns its lessons with LISTA workbenches and storage cabinets December 08, 2011


Mercedes-Benz Training Center, Vance, AL. Corporate automotive plant training center.


Every employee at Mercedes-Benz's Vance production plant is required to attend a two-week training program at the Training Center, where they become adept at automotive assembly and machine maintenance. Mercedes needed to outfit this area.


Mercedes wanted workbench and storage systems that would be flexible, durable, aesthetically pleasing and of superior quality.

"Of course, the systems had to be able to store a large volume of parts and tools, while allowing trainees easy access to everything they need."

  – Walter Linsenmaier, Training Specialist


LISTA provided Mercedes with

  • 16 custom-designed workbenches for their machine shop training area
  • 16 technical electronic workbenches for training electrical technicians
  • 11 standard width cabinets used at the facility's storage room
  • 4 sets of four workbenches in the machine shop, arranged to accommodate trainee teams and make maximum use of available space

The workbenches' cabinet pedestals use custom drawer compartments to store a variety of hand tools such as scales, hammers, saws and calipers. All the technical electronic workbenches in the electrical training room are equipped with an ESD worksurface.


"Because everything is highly organized, we can concentrate on training rather than finding tools or locating parts."

  – Walter Linsenmaier


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