Richard DiPerna Home Woodworker

Things really shaping up for workshop with LISTA. August 02, 2011

Happiness doesn't grow on trees - unless your name is Richard DiPerna. Then it grows in your basement. That's where he turns and sculpts wood into beautifully shaped objets d'art.

"I've always liked working with wood and took it up as a hobby about 20 years ago," says Richard. "I did a lot of furniture-making at the start, but now I'm primarily turning. I think bowls and other turned objects are beautiful - they're sculptural forms. I joined the Central New England Woodturners, and really enjoy the way the members share their knowledge and skills."

Richard has transformed his basement into a woodworker's paradise using some of the best equipment in the business: a Oneway 2346 lathe, Delta 14" bandsaw, Delta 10" Unisaw, and Delta DJ20 joiner and DC-380 planer. He also installed an Oneida dust collection system to keep things clean and efficient.

But that's not the only equipment he uses to make sure his operation runs smoothly. He keeps everything from woodworking books and tools, to stain and nails, neatly organized and easily accessible using LISTA workspace solutions. Drawer storage cabinets with butcher block counter tops hold a variety of tools and supplies. His LISTA workbench provides a comfortable workspace for planning and implementing projects. And a LISTA sink cabinet offers a convenient water source for wet grinding and cleanup.

Size matters.

Richard's decision to go with LISTA was made as methodically as his latest turned masterpiece. "I did some research, and LISTA quickly moved to the top of the list, primarily because I was looking for flexibility in cabinet size, in drawer size to hold all my different size tools, and partitioning to keep them organized. I'm an engineer by training, and the high quality was obvious. I also liked the modular design, and have already swapped drawers between cabinets. I had my choice of color, and I think they came out looking really good."

Turns out he has a lot of great things to say about LISTA support as well. "Dave Geller, my LISTA distributor, was unbelievably helpful. He came over and spent several hours with me inventorying all my tools and designing the shop to have all the equipment I needed, where I needed it."

With LISTA, Richard was able to make his favorite pastime even more enjoyable. "What I like about turning wood is that it's totally hands-on. You can feel the object take shape as you work it. And you see the results relatively quickly."


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