Schenectady Museum

Schenectady Museum organizes and protects valuable artifacts in LISTA Storage Wall® systems January 08, 2011


Schenectady Museum, Schenectady, NY. Municipal museum.


The artifacts housed in the Schenectady Museum's 44,000 square-foot facility in Schenectady, NY, range in subject from science and technology and natural history to decorative arts, fine arts, and dolls and toys. However, the museum's system for storing its artifacts was itself a relic. The antiquated system was comprised of plywood and 2 x 4's assembled into industrial shelving. The shelves were not adjustable for storage of taller items. Protecting artifacts from contamination required the use of plastic sheets. And over 70% of the museum's storage space was wasted or underutilized.


Upgrade storage area with high density storage capable of providing environmental protection for artifacts.


LISTA provided the Museum with 14 double sections of the Storage Wall® System.


The Storage Wall® System allowed for greater organization and ease of locating artifacts. They protected the valuable items from dust and other harmful pollutants. They enhanced aesthetics, increased security, and perhaps most importantly, they allowed the Museum to reduce its storage space by almost 36%!


Storage Wall® System