Columbus Center

Columbus Center labs combine form and functionality December 10, 2014


Columbus Center, Baltimore, MD. Marine biotech research center and museum.


The Columbus Center was to be a showcase on Baltimore's acclaimed Inner Harbor. Its designers knew that the facility had to be furnished with laboratory furniture that lived up to its exacting standards.


The Columbus Center's designers wanted to create a laboratory work environment that was both extremely functional and aesthetically exciting.


LISTA workspace solutions and design services helped the Columbus Center succeed in producing three brightly colored laboratories. LISTA provided the Center with a complete system of modular drawer pedestal cabinets and overhead storage. LISTA custom-painted all of these cabinets to fit the Columbus Center's color-coded sectors.

The sleek, high-tech appearance of the cabinets fit seamlessly with the Center's overall aesthetics, while providing durable, space-efficient and highly organized storage. For example, LISTA's custom design services were utilized in the green laboratory to create specially shaped resin-based countertops that protect against chemical stains and discoloration, an island work area and an overall uniquely inviting, safe and functional workspace.


"The LISTA cabinets keep everything organized, provide a high degree of aesthetics, and are ergonomically efficient. We really couldn't ask for more from a workspace system."

– Carol Bossert, Center Director


Drawer Storage Cabinets