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For Titan USA's Distribution Center, LISTA modular drawer storage cabinets are a cut above the rest October 19, 2014


Titan USA, West Springfield, MA. Industrial distributor of premium quality, American-made cutting tools.


Thanks to steady growth, the company ran out of storage space at its main distribution center. Titan’s huge volume of inventory had dramatically cut into their space. The company's old storage units – comprised entirely of open metal industrial shelving – were no longer an efficient solution.


Although expansion was an option, it was an expensive option that Titan USA president and CEO, Ralph Colby, preferred to avoid. Colby was already familiar with LISTA storage solutions, having seen them at many of his customers' locations.

"The LISTA cabinets appeared to be very durable, and the customers are convinced that their units will last forever."

– Ralph Colby, President and CEO


Titan ordered 140 LISTA storage cabinets. The majority of these were HS width cabinets, but Titan also purchased some mid-width cabinets fitted with butcher block countertops.

Titan USA greatly appreciates the rugged durability and remarkable capacity of their LISTA cabinets. Built with heavy-gauge steel, the HS and mid-width cabinets can withstand the most extreme work environments. Plus, they have 50% more storage capacity than conventional shelving – an attribute that directly addressed Titan's immediate problem.


Titan reaped ergonomic benefits as well as space savings. With each HS drawer providing an 18" depth of usable space, accessing large, heavy cutting tools is never stressful. Titan's cutting tools are also quite valuable, and Colby says that the way the LISTA cabinets protect his company's products is the most attractive benefit of all.

 "Our products now stay dust-free in the drawers, not subject to potential dirt or damage as they were in the open shelving. Our inventory always stays neat and clean waiting for shipment."

  – Ralph Colby


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