Stanley Machining and Tool Corporation

Stanley Machining & Tool Corp. turns to LISTA Storage Wall® system for CNC tool storage September 14, 2014


Stanley Machining & Tool Corp., Carpentersville, IL. Manufacturer of precision metal components.


Stanley needed a larger storage area to suit their expanded milling capabilities and increased CNC tooling production.


The company wanted a storage system that could increase productivity while utilizing the limited available floor space in the company's 110,000 square foot facility.


Stanley determined that utilization of vertical space provided an option, and LISTA was the solution. LISTA recommended using the Storage Wall® System to store preset as well as blank CNC tooling.


Stanley's 14 Storage Wall® sections provided a high level of organization, quicker retrieval time (with a safety ladder for easy access), increased product throughput, and utilized a limited footprint.


Storage Wall® System