Magnum 2000

Magnum 2000 creates 21st century storage solution with LISTA tool storage cabinets and workbenches June 05, 2014


Magnum 2000 Inc., Oakville, Ontario, Canada. A leading manufacturer of precision-turned parts for the automotive and allied industries.


Magnum 2000, Inc. had purchased nearly $600,000 worth of precision quick-change tool heads for its machining center. This investment, which was designed to speed production and eventually reduce costs, became the catalyst for replacing the plant’s existing antiquated storage system. A mishmash of boxes, wooden tables and old cabinets, the old system was both inefficient and unsightly.


Magnum needed a storage system that would be organized, aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, would protect their tooling investment.


Magnum completely refurbished its Quality Control lab with LISTA cabinets and workbenches. A highlight of this application is a storage "island" in the center of the lab comprised of four LISTA HS cabinets which use file drawer inserts to store inspection files and other documents. LISTA also built two tool pre-setting stations using a combination of tool storage cabinets and industrial workbenches.

LISTA was really the only quality choice. LISTA products were robust enough to hold the heavy tooling items that we use daily. Also, the system was aesthetically pleasing."

  – Lewis Walmsley, Vice President of Operations


"The LISTA system has created a working environment that impresses employees, customers and future prospects alike."

– Lewis Walmsley