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New York Daily News gets scoop on maintenance and repair requirements with LISTA storage solutions March 14, 2014


New York Daily News, Liberty Park, NJ. One of the country's ten largest newspapers.


The company decided to replace its existing satellite plants in Brooklyn and New Jersey with a modern 435,000 sq. ft. facility to make production more efficient and cost-effective everywhere, including in the storage systems.


The new storage system would have to allow machinists to store large volumes of spare parts and equipment in a relatively small area, while also providing the ability to roll out parts right to the press area to facilitate maintenance.


To meet their requirements, the Daily News turned to LISTA, who provided each of the facility's support areas with a combination of Storage Wall® systems, workbenches, modular drawer storage cabinets and roll-out mobile cabinets.

LISTA Storage Wall® systems allow machinists to store oversized items such as motors, gears, bearings and drive shafts on shelves, as well as smaller items like drill bits and various hand tools in drawers.

Workbenches, furnished with butcher block worksurfaces, are ideal for tasks such as cleaning ink manifolds and precision assembly of electrical components. Plus, with their modular configuration, they can be modified to meet changing needs.

Perhaps the most significant elements of the LISTA system are the mobile carts.

"The roll-out carts have given our machinists the capability to bring a large volume of tools and parts right to the printing presses when repairs or maintenance are required."

– Vinnie Grosso, Production Maintenance Manager


“Repairs are affected more quickly, and downtime is greatly reduced. You can't overstate the importance of that in a business where deadlines are a daily fact of life."

– Vinnie Grosso


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