Texas Childrens Hospital

Texas Children's Hospital engineers "perfect" workbench solution with technical electronic benches from LISTA December 06, 2013


Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, TX. One of the largest pediatric hospitals in the United States.


When a major tropical storm devastated Houston's Texas Medical Center, the basement location of the Bio-Medical Engineering Department   ̶ responsible for the maintenance and repair of the hospital's extensive inventory of high-tech medical equipment   ̶ was flooded. More than $1 million worth of medical equipment was ruined, and the department's casework benches were beyond repair.


The department decided to use the loss as an opportunity to upgrade its workbenches. In particular, the department was looking for pre-manufactured benches that would offer greater flexibility than the benches ruined by the flood waters.


"When you put the other manufacturers next to the LISTA bench, you could see and feel the difference in quality. LISTA was so far ahead of the other vendors it made the decision easy."

  – John Weimert, Assistant Director Bio-Medical Engineering

TCH purchased 50 LISTA technical electronic workbenches with the Nexus accessory system, each paired with a mobile drawer storage cabinet. Weimert's specifications were exacting, and LISTA rose to the challenge with a customized solution.

"LISTA helped us design a bench that would fit our needs, today and into the future."

  – John Weimert

The workbenches feature plenty of integrated power sources, both built into the bench leg and above the worksurface. Although the basic design of the workbenches was standardized throughout the department, each technician was able to order the precise Nexus System accessories he or she wanted to hold their particular assortment of tools, test equipment and personal items.

The mobile storage cabinets were designed to provide an extra worksurface for technicians, yet roll under the worksurface when not in use. In addition, the cabinets' mobility allows them to be transported around the hospital for use as workstations-on-wheels when repairing large, stationary equipment.


"The LISTA benches are perfect. They give us a perfect mix of flexibility, customization, durability and good looks."

  – John Weimert


Nexus Accessory System