Vestige uncovers modularity and ease of assembly with ArlinkĀ® 8000 workstations July 25, 2013


Vestige Ltd., Medina, OH. Leading provider of computer forensic services for use in civil litigation, law enforcement, criminal proceedings and corporate policy administration.


When Vestige installed a new, sophisticated computer laboratory (part of an expansion that saw the firm's office space triple in size), they wanted to replace their traditional desks, credenzas, cubicles, bookcases and tables which were creating crowding, inefficiency and frustration.


Due to the company's rapid growth, modularity and ease of assembly were two important considerations in the selection of lab furniture.


After examining a variety of alternatives, Vestige settled on the Arlink® 8000 Workstation System.

"As a fast-growing company, it was clear that our furniture requirements would be constantly changing. We didn't want to have lab furniture that was built in, and we didn't want things that were going to be difficult to assemble, since we knew we'd be taking them apart and putting them back together frequently. With the LISTA equipment, we can easily mix and match pieces as necessary and reconfigure them almost instantly."

  – Damon Hacker, President

The workstations are set up in an L-shaped configuration, with each station dedicated to a specific aspect of the analysis. When a computer is brought into the lab, it is disassembled, either completely or partially, at a workstation in what is called the intake area. Another station, also located in this same area, subsequently receives the hard drive or computer disk. This station has a tool rack on it, with a full assortment of screwdrivers, wire cutters, and pliers at arm's reach. Anti-static mats at this location enhance the station's ESD properties.

At the same station, there is also a sloping wire shelf that allows technicians to lift the hard drive off the worksurface and attach it to Vestige's "acquisition" computer – the computer used to extract the data from the hard drive. The wire rack also allows the company to keep all of the power cords in place, meaning they can be attached to the appropriate computer on a moment's notice.

"That was always a problem, crawling underneath the furniture or under the table to plug in power cords. Having the power cords brought right up to the bench top is a big plus." 

  – Damon Hacker

Another workstation is used to test the computers, while yet another is used to put the computers back together.


The space-saving aspect of the new workstations is evidenced by the fact that Vestige is able to fit roughly 2-3 times the equipment into a lab space that is only about 25% larger than the old one.

"We were moving equipment around rather than moving the evidence around. With our new process, we're able to keep the equipment in the right place and move the evidence through an assembly line procedure."

  – Damon Hacker