Nonin Medical

Nonin Medical checks pulse of operators before purchasing LISTA’s Arlink® workstations May 20, 2013


Nonin Medical Inc., Plymouth, MN. Leading manufacturer of medical monitoring devices for doctors, nurses and consumers.


Nonin wanted to purchase new workstations as part of its lean manufacturing implementation. Productivity in Nonin’s assembly department had been stunted by cumbersome workstations that were immobile, difficult to reconfigure, and ergonomically lacking.

“Our old workstations did not allow for easy access of tools and parts, they featured non-adjustable shelving, and even the lighting was poor. Also, as we had people of different sizes and proportions operating the same rigidly configured workbenches, we knew we needed to move into a much more modular and flexible category of workstations.”

– Bill Hartman Sr., Industrial Engineer


Nonin wanted to involve its internal customers – the technicians who operate the company’s assembly flowlines – in the workstation selection process. Technicians were given the opportunity to try 3 different brands of workstations, and were then asked to fill out a questionnaire designed to determine which workstation best satisfied all of their needs.


The most popular choice of workstation among the technicians by far was LISTA’s Arlink® 8000 Modular Workstation.

The Arlink® 8000 System is designed for extremely quick assembly and reconfiguration. The 8000’s “starter and adder” system enables a wide range of layout possibilities, including back-to-back options. To address Nonin’s ergonomic needs, the Arlink® 8000’s Definite Positioning System® makes it extremely easy and fast to relocate and adjust worksurfaces, storage, shelving, lights, power beams, footrests, etc., without requiring any extra tools.

“To further meet our needs for flexibility – so important when we change shifts or applications and want to reconfigure the flowlines – we took advantage of the Arlink® 8000 mobility option. LISTA’s smooth operating casters allow two people to rearrange the production floor in just minutes.” 

  – Bill Hartman Sr.


Today Nonin’s assembly team is extremely pleased with the workstations they helped select. Adjustable height shelving and bin racks keep items like soldering irons, adhesive dispensers, wipes, and other application-specific supplies within easy reach. The Arlink® 8000’s lighting is a huge step up from the often dimly lit old workstations.

“Our assembly technicians are very comfortable with their recommendation, and just as comfortable with the workstations themselves. And we’re reaping great benefits from our successful foray into lean manufacturing. In fact, we are growing at such a pace that we plan to add multiple additional flowlines in the near future, and of course, multiple new LISTA Arlink® 8000 workstations.”

  – Bill Hartman Sr.


Arlink® 8000 Modular Workstations