Molex Inc. solves lab furniture dilemma with LISTA-equipped test laboratory April 18, 2013


Molex Inc., Lisle, IL. The world's second largest manufacturer of electronic interconnects.


Molex had grown to the extent that they needed to double the size of the reliability and test engineering laboratory. They also needed to increase workspace and storage capacity.


"We wanted a system that was durable and of high-quality construction. We also wanted workstations that could be customized and were flexible enough to grow with our business. And in terms of storage, we needed a system that could allow us to store items of extremely diverse size and shape ranging from oversized test equipment to smaller fixtures and hand tools."

  – Don Fowler, Test and Equipment Engineer


A number of departments at the company were already using LISTA storage systems, and inquiries into LISTA systems yielded nothing but favorable reviews. Molex purchased a total of 70 cabinets from LISTA, featuring usable drawer heights ranging from 2" to 15".

Along with their functionality, the cabinets met Molex's aesthetic needs. LISTA offered Molex the opportunity to customize the cabinet colors so that the match with their current office equipment was impeccable. To create the workstations they were seeking, Molex topped the cabinets with highly functional worksurfaces of non-scratch impregnated sandstone.

Molex also purchased a LISTA sink cabinet which serves as a convenient station for washing off various residues and liquids after testing.


“No matter which yardstick you measure the system by, the system has performed well." 

  – Don Fowler


Technical Workstations