Marzetti Company

Marzetti Company whips up attractive, space-saving lab with LISTA storage cabinets and workbenches March 16, 2013


Marzetti Co., Columbus, OH. Third largest manufacturer of salad dressings in U.S.


Laboratories for developing new salad dressing flavors and analyzing competitive products were equipped with poorly designed, antiquated metal cabinets and laboratory case work.


Upgrade labs with more durable, efficient and ergonomic workspace systems.


LISTA installed a complete workspace system with modular drawer storage cabinets and workbenches supporting easy-to-clean black phenolic resin worksurfaces at an ergonomically correct height. LISTA also installed additional cabinets with roll-out trays for storage of large heavy items, and overhead cabinets for easy access to smaller food ingredients.


LISTA's workbench systems and storage systems have increased productivity, enhanced inventory control and improved the overall appearance at Marzetti's on-site laboratories.


Technician Workstations