Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls lab creates efficient workstations with LISTA ESD electronics workbenches February 11, 2013


Johnson Controls, Inc., Milwaukee, WI. Global market leader in automotive systems and facility management and control.


When the company consolidated a number of different labs from one building into a new Systems Products Hard Lab in another building, they needed new lab furniture to equip their design cells.


Johnson Controls not only needed space-efficient workspace and storage systems, but they also needed to replace their outdated workbenches, which were largely makeshift, inconsistent and inefficient.


Working closely with a team of Johnson Controls technicians, LISTA produced a successful design for the new lab. The workstations that LISTA teamed with Johnson Controls to design brought a newfound consistency and organization to the company's new consolidated lab space.

The 28 workstations utilized in the new lab each combined seven modular drawer cabinets with ESD laminate worksurfaces. This configuration created remarkable space savings, and provided for efficient use of storage space above and below the worksurface.

Electronics parts and tools in the lab are kept close at hand in compartmentalized drawers in the cabinets. LISTA's Nexus Accessory System provides easy access to a range of accessories above the worksurface, including shelves and a convenient utility strip.

Also, the addition of 20 mobile ESD cabinets eliminated duplication of resources by delivering shared electronic and mechanical components directly to the different stations.


"We looked at a number of competitive products, in terms of space savings, efficiency, durability, weight-bearing strength and overall quality. The LISTA workstations offered us the most flexibility and return on our investment."

  – Ann Stark, Project Manager for Interior Design


Nexus Accessory System
Mobile Cabinets