Infineon Technologies

Infineon Technologies combines storage with LISTA ESD electronics workbenches January 07, 2013


Infineon Technologies, San Jose, CA. Manufacturer of semiconductor and system solutions focusing on energy efficiency, mobility and security.


Infineon Technologies has a Development Center in San Jose where engineering development, testing, and assembly are all conducted. Infineon wanted to eliminate wasted space and unnecessary equipment.


Improve efficiency and productivity.


Infineon equipped one of their testing labs with seven LISTA ESD technical electronic workbenches. Secured to the floor to handle seismic disturbances common to the region, these benches also help Infineon nail down high capacity storage and maximum organization. The tech benches feature compartmentalized cabinet pedestal drawers and customized instrument risers which allow the company to eliminate space-wasting tool boxes and extra tool cabinets.


"By combining modular drawer storage with customized shelving, LISTA workbenches provide our engineers with ample storage of a wide array of tools and parts, as well as efficient, easy access."

  – Prezell Harris, Master Technician

The benches not only provide an efficient workspace, but also provide secure and accessible storage for items ranging from jewelers' screwdrivers and small amplifiers to large cameras and vises.

Infineon also appreciated that they did not have to purchase extra ESD equipment to protect its static sensitive components, as the white laminate worksurfaces are both extremely durable and static dissipative.


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