Aprilis, Inc. experiences new dimension of lab efficiency with LISTA storage and workstation solutions October 14, 2012


Aprilis, Inc., Maynard, MA. A leading developer of holographic data storage systems.


Aprilis needed a cost-effective and space-efficient solution to equip their new chemistry lab.


Aprilis sought high-density storage and easy access that could bring them innumerable benefits.


Choosing LISTA's workspace systems was "a no-brainer."

"We researched a number of different vendors. When we took a tour of LISTA's manufacturing facility, the quality of their materials, process and, ultimately, their products was easy to see. It was clear to us that LISTA workbenches and cabinets had strength and quality that was far superior to other manufacturers. LISTA also has expert design personnel. They actually helped us design our facility, and their design services were free! Plus their prices were competitive with some used lab casework we'd seen."

  – Kenneth Pickering, Global Supply Chain Director

Aprilis purchased over 200 linear ft. of chemical lab casework comprised of 15-16 different technical lab workbenches and several sink cabinets.

"LISTA was able to custom design each bench according to the specific needs and specialties of each chemist."

  – Kenneth Pickering

Not only did Aprilis purchase LISTA workstations and storage systems for their chemical lab, but their purchase also included a variety of different LISTA benches for their process, laser and engineering labs.

The chem lab benches feature phenolic resin worksurfaces that are both impervious to chemical contact as well as static-proof – ideal for working with electronic components. Above the worksurface, some benches feature riser shelves, which free up workspace while providing a readily accessible home to chemical containers. Also above the worksurface, LISTA overhead cabinets with Plexiglas® doors hold large beakers, chemical and electronic equipment. The Plexiglas® doors allow Aprilis chemists to easily locate and inventory cabinet contents.

Below the worksurface, LISTA's modular drawer storage cabinets provide flexible, secure, high-density storage for a wide range of beakers, flasks, distillation columns, condensers and other fragile, expensive tools and parts.

"LISTA drawers are tough. We don't have to be concerned about overloading. We also appreciate the fact that the drawers lock to secure our valuable lab equipment, which can run upwards of $10,000."

– Kenneth Pickering

Pickering particularly appreciates the configurability of the drawers and the cabinets.

"Every item we store has its own compartment which is labeled for easy identification, plus our scientists were able to configure the cabinets themselves with drawer sizes they needed." 

 – Kenneth Pickering


"We recommend LISTA to everyone that comes into Aprilis. For quality of workmanship and superior value, LISTA is unmatched. For our employees and guests, aesthetics are extremely important. Aprilis is the showcase in our building, and our sharp-looking labs are a big part of the reason why."

– Kenneth Pickering


Drawer Storage Cabinets 

Overhead Cabinets