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Spear Education Increases Class Offering Through Renovation April 14, 2015


Spear Education, dentistry’s leading provider of continuing dental education. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, the campus features state-of-the-art technology and equipment.


Demand for courses were quickly outgrowing Spear’s current classrooms, and an extensive transformation of Spear’s existing office space was envisioned. The complete renovation – down to the floor and support beams—would eventually become a new classroom.


Because their application is so unique, Spear didn’t want a cookie-cutter solution, or something overly complicated. LISTA’s custom design, configured to specifications, created a workstation that is entirely hassle-free for students. With classes often running from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., a comfortable setting was an important factor in design.


Since the project was essentially a new build with a more modern look and more efficient function, it presented the opportunity to start fresh from the ground up. To meet the forecasted demand of the classroom, the new solution required the installation of 21 custom-designed workstations with shelving positioned between each. These workstations offer a comprehensive collection of options and accessories including the freedom to reconfigure components to suit different classes and dentists’ needs. The decision to choose LISTA came down to a review of LISTA’s portfolio of work and case studies showcasing ROI-boosting outcomes. Spear’s clinical supervisor, Scott Ratcliff reached out to LISTA Vertical Market Manager James Anderson.

A Simple Solution for a Demanding Work Environment

With increasing patient demand for both esthetic excellence and predictable long-term results, more dentists are boosting their skills through hands-on continuing education. In the high-traffic learning environment, it is important to simplify the workflow, an area LISTA excels in. LISTA’s simplicity was a major selling point for the project. LISTA’s workstations are built for durability from high-quality all-steel construction for durability and can stand up to the harshest work environments—a critical factor for Spear.

LISTA applied ergonomic principles defined as dentists’ “primary reach zones”—horizontal and vertical areas users can reach with minimal movement. Work outside of these primary reach zones was deemed inefficient and avoided in design

“In spite of being a custom-built solution, we constantly have dentists ask where they can get this setup to replicate in their practice—even down to the chair. LISTA’s seating is comfortable enough to sit in all day,” said Ratcliff.

Integration: Key to a Seamless Installation

The customized workstations also provided the ability to integrate with existing Vaniman personal suctions, Patterson Dental hand pieces, audio/visual systems, dispensary areas, microscopes, and more to improve the user experience.


LISTA’s engineering and design team prepared a Floorspace Utilization Analysis CAD drawing of the proposed room solution. Working around the fixed elements—personal suctions and hand pieces—LISTA’s integration with architectural and construction planning delivered a new layout offering the highest density, greatest productivity, and future flexibility.

LISTA was able to seamlessly retrofit around Spear’s existing Vaniman tools. The resulting enclosed vacuum system is quiet, and offers a clean aesthetic. LISTA also color-matched the new workstations to the room’s colors—light grey and Spear’s signature turquoise.

Accommodating more than 36 dentists per class, the new classroom has since enabled the addition of Spear’s new, enhanced curriculum, including new implant courses.

“Start to finish, LISTA’s customer service has been fantastic and the feedback on the end result has been extremely positive,” says Ratcliff.

Spear and LISTA will partner for an additional classroom renovation and possible future integration with a CAD/CAM system. 


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