Heavy Duty Maintenance

LISTA® drawer storage cabinets, toolboxes, workbenches and STAK System® are cut out for efficiency and durability.
Technician Series Toolboxes
Our durable Technician Series toolboxes provide superior organization, mobility, and flexibility for maximum productivity and efficiency on the job.
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    • Fully welded drawer and housing construction. For superior durability and ergonomic safety
    • Heavy-duty casters. Featuring total lock brakes that support 1,200 lbs. each
    • 12 drawer height options. Choose from 12 standard drawer heights (2" to 13") to hold everything from small tools to bulky equipment
    • Full-extension drawers. Drawers extend 100% even when loaded to 440 lb. capacity
    • Sub-dividable drawers. Configure to exactly fit the tool layout you want
    • Non-slip drawer liners. Premium mesh drawer liners help prevent tools from sliding
    • 5 standard color options. Choose from 5 gloss finish powder coated colors
    • Flush drawer handles. Handles are flush with housing so clothing won't snag
    • Variety of worksurface options. Choose the one that meets your specific needs
    • Mobile or stationary options. Most models are available in either configuration
    • Limited lifetime warranty. LISTA® stands behind our products
Tool Crib Cabinets
You need storage cabinets to stand up to the demands of a busy tool crib environment. Our industry-leading array of high-density, high-capacity drawer storage cabinets are the perfect solution for your CNC tool crib needs.
With full-extension, 440 lb. capacity drawers and a comprehensive array of drawer accessories for virtually any type of tooling, these rugged cabinets will stand up to decades of hard use.
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    • Model 900 Tool Crib Cabinets. This model is convenient for a counter-height worksurface (28.25" W x 29.5" D x 39.375" H)
    • Model 1350 Tool Crib Cabinets. This model features eye-level height cabinets (28.25" W x 28.5" D x 57.125" H), for more storage in the same footprint as the Model 900
    • 8 style options. Both Model 900 and Model 1350 offer 8 pre-configured cabinet styles for holding perishable tools, including drills, milling cutters, end mills, chucking reamers, gages, and more
    • Customizable and stackable. Choose from a wide array of LISTA® footprints, heights, and configurations to customize the exact tool crib you need, and stack cabinets to take full advantage of your tool room’s height
    • LISTA Storage Wall® System. This unique system is ideally suited for the storage of CNC tools, and drawers feature a comprehensive array of accessories to support virtually any type of tooling
Industrial Workbenches
Built for high performance in the harshest environments, LISTA® industrial workbenches work hard for you.
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    • Heavy-duty welded legs. Provide extra support in rugged applications (leveling glides included)
    • Customizable pedestal supports. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles
    • Multiple below-worksurface options. Choose from 11 different drawer heights, as well as roll-out trays and hinged door compartments with shelves
    • Ergonomic flush drawer handles. Helps ensure that nothing protrudes when drawers are closed (drawer handles are located at top of drawer)
    • Removable lock core. For greater security and easy replacement
    • Compatible with a full range of accessories. Create the exact bench you need with the Nexus® Accessory System or a variety of other productivity-enhancing shelves and accessories
    • Optional casters. So you can move, reconfigure, and clean your work areas with ease
Drawer Storage Cabinets
LISTA® industrial cabinets offer high-density storage and a range of cabinet footprints and drawer heights to create your most productive work environment.
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    • Welded drawers. Unique construction provides full dimensional stability
    • Smooth extension. Suspension system features quiet Polyoxymethylene (POM) bearings for smooth drawer extension 
    • Fully extendable drawers. Drawers extend 100% even when loaded to 440 lb. capacity
    • PrevenTip® interlock system. Our patented system helps prevent tipping by allowing only one drawer to be extended at a time
    • Full-height side and back walls. Allow the entire cubic capacity of the drawer to be used
    • Hinged plastic drawer handle covers. Help protect drawer labels from wear and tear
    • Easy to organize. Drawer partitioning slots allow flexible subdivision for better item organization and angled top edges allow fast, accurate identification of compartment contents
STAK System®
Based on a system of dynamically adjustable pallets (rather than fixed shelves) and a captive lifting and handling device, the STAK System helps maximize storage density by minimizing the vertical space requirements of each stored pallet and its contents.
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    • Fully modular. Rack capacity is 25,000 lbs. per section and and 50,000 lbs. per bay (seismic zones 1 and 2)
    • Pallets placed in 4" vertical increments. Items can be stored just where you want them, and are positioned via a positive engagement system
    • Ergonomic handling. Unique handling device maneuvers on four axes, creating 360-degree flexibility – makes removing even large loads easy
    • Simple, intuitive positioning. Enables the operator to relocate a pallet quickly, accurately, and safely (pallets are removed and replaced by guiding the mast to the new position)
    • Easy-to-learn and easy-to-use controls. No license or certification required
    • Mast hovers over floor. For ease of use on uneven surfaces
    • 3 systems available. 2K STAK System (2,000 lb. capacity), 4K STAK System (4,000 lb. capacity), or HazMat STAK System (2,000 lb. capacity)
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