Material Handling Storage

Organized material handling solutions designed to help improve productivity.
Our conveyor solutions, flow racks, stands, and trolleys support efficient and effective material handling.
Nexus® Stands and Trolleys
Hold or transport what you need with the convenience of a small footprint. LISTA® stationary stands and industrial shelving trolleys are like mini-workstations – ideal for any production, repair, or assembly operation. Configure them to hold and/or transport parts, tools, test equipment, and more.
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    • Works with all Nexus System workplace accessories. Including shelves, lights, power-related devices, articulating arm components, and more
    • Add a worksurface. Quickly create an economical stationary or mobile workbench
    • Rear-justified or center-justified configurations. Allows stands and trolleys to conform to your access requirements
Nexus® Flow Racks
Increase productivity and convenience while utilizing fewer personnel. Our Nexus System flow racks are an effective material handling solution for presenting parts for picking, kitting, or assembly. Cartons, part bins, and other items delivered by gravity feed reduce personnel needs so one person can service many production or packaging stations at a time. Arranging flow racks in rows adds more shelf space and even greater efficiency and productivity.
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    • Works with all Nexus System workplace accessories. Including shelves, lights, power-related devices, articulating arm components, and more
    • Optional worksurface. Provides a convenient work area adjacent to material delivery
    • Optional overhead light. Illuminates the work area for optimal efficiency
    • Fully configurable flow rack. Tracks and guides to optimally suit your application
    • Optional casters. Available with stand-alone flow rack frames and can support up to 1,000 lbs.
    • Convenient flow rack frame. 86.75" H x 48" D, and available in 5 widths (30", 36", 42", 48", and 60") to conform to your application
Material Transfer & Conveyor Solutions
If you're looking for material transfer workflow management solutions, LISTA® gives you options. Our material transfer workstations and Arlink® 8000 conveyor workstation systems provide a range of solutions – from single-point and task-specific to entire production streams.
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  • Material Transfer Workstations

    • Help with the ergonomic handling and transfer of work product
    • Can be used on a stand-alone workstation, on adjacent workstations when product is transferred between them, or between workstations and transport carts


    Arlink® 8000 Conveyor Workstation Systems

    • Provide cost-effective, high-efficiency workflow management throughout your entire production stream
    • Available with supplied conveyor or can be easily integrated with the conveyor of your choice
    • Full adjustability and ergonomic design features help reduce strain, fatigue, and workplace injuries, while providing a highly productive working environment
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