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Optimize your facility's productivity, organization, and use of space. LISTA® has your needs covered with a wide range of electronic workstations, accessory systems, and high-density parts storage.
Modular Arlink® 8000 Workstations
Modular Arlink 8000 workstations are easy to reconfigure and highly adaptable, so you’ll always have the right workstation for the job.
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    • Cost-effective. Ideal for assembly, test and repair, R&D, and anywhere else you need improved ergonomics and productivity
    • Definite Positioning System™. Allows easy, secure placement and reconfiguration of accessories, so your system grows and changes with your needs
    • Starter and adder system. Links workstations to create infinite layout options quickly, easily, and inexpensively
    • 5 standard section widths and column heights. Section widths mix and match to suit your needs
    • Maximum structural integrity. Columns constructed from high-strength, cold-rolled steel
    • Easily transportable. Allows for fast layout changes
    • Optional task lighting. Provides illumination for the most exacting work
    • Optional storage. Hanging drawers and overhead cabinets can be securely added anywhere (LISTA® mobile and stationary drawer storage cabinets also make excellent companion cabinets)
    • Contemporary colors. Components powder coated in attractive Light Gray or Sand (other colors available on request), and a choice of 10 trim colors
    • Static-safe. Comes with complete ESD solutions: static dissipative worksurfaces, ESD paint, grounding accessories, grounding blocks, and static-safe storage boxes
Technical Workstations
Going modular can help you create versatile technical workstations that increase efficiency and productivity in any assembly, repair, or R&D environment.
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    • Modern design. Workstations look sleek and sophisticated
    • Flexibility. Standard components and accessories can be integrated above or below the worksurface
    • Ergonomic. Helps promote easy, safe access while minimizing strain
    • Built-in electrical power supply. Ensures power where you need it
    • Worksurface options. Plastic laminate, static dissipative laminate, stainless steel, phenolic resin, or butcher block
    • Customizable drawers. Helps improve organization and speed item retrieval
    • Pedestal variety. Choose from an array of sizes and styles
    • Level worksurface. Easy-to-access leveling adjustments
    • Static-safe. Comes with complete ESD solutions: static dissipative worksurfaces, ESD paint, grounding accessories, grounding blocks, and static-safe storage boxes
Align® Adjustable-Height Workstations
Align adjustable-height workstations effortlessly adjust to different tasks and operator preferences with a base height range of 27" to 42".
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    • Universal platform. Adjusts via motor, hand crank, or slide leg base to perfectly align to each operator's ergonomic needs
    • Adaptable for multiple users. Center- and rear-justified options allow for multiple simultaneous users
    • Optional motorized base. Features a 3-position memory switch and precision drive system for maintenance-free reliability
    • Heavy-duty construction. Motorized base offers a 1000 lb. dynamic load capacity, while hand crank base can handle 500 lbs. 
    • Clean and organized appearance. Featuring built-in cable/hose management duct and modesty panel
    • Multiple size options. Choose from a range of lengths and depths to create the footprint that best fits your floorplan (custom sizes on request)
    • Accessories. Select the above-worksurface accessories that best suit your job flow and tasks
    • Optional casters. Easier mobility, reconfiguration, and cleaning
All-Purpose Workbenches
Improve productivity and maximize floor space with our affordable, "four-on-the-floor" All-Purpose workbenches – fully customizable to meet all your needs.
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    • Heavy-duty construction. Can support up to 1,000 lbs.
    • Customizable layout. Choose from 10 footprints and 2 heights
    • Worksurface options. Plastic laminate, static dissipative laminate, or butcher block (others available upon request)
    • Adjustable height. Leg extenders can further adjust height for perfect ergonomic fit – 6” total adjustment in 2” increments
    • Optional casters. Sturdy 5"-diameter swivel casters add mobility to any All-Purpose bench
    • Accessories. Customize with bottom shelves, skirting panels, back and end stops, and electrical access to suit your work environment
    • Integrates with LISTA® drawer cabinets. Including hanging cabinets in a range of sizes – can also be paired with a stationary or mobile NS cabinet for convenient, value-priced storage
    • Option to build up. Integrated Nexus® or VSI accessories can be added to maximize vertical height above the worksurface - 3 color options. Light Gray, Bright Blue, or Sand
Above-Worktop Accessories
Customize your space to help you work smarter, faster, and more comfortably. Choose from two cost-effective lines of LISTA® above-worktop accessories.
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  • VSI Accessories

    • Integrates with Arlink® 8000 system accessories. Increases the utility of your workbenches
    • Maximum structural integrity. Columns constructed from high-strength, cold-rolled steel
    • Flexible configurations. Can be used on single workstations mounted in series, or back-to-back for a customized layout
    • Interchangeable across workspace products. Simplifies facilities management and lowers procurement costs
    • Conveyor integration. Enhances productivity and ergonomic safety in warehousing, packing, and similar applications on a conveyor or production line


    Nexus® Accessories

    • Wide selection. Including shelves, lighting, power, tool rails, bin holders, overhead cabinets, markerboards, and monitor arms
    • Modular design. Easily adapts and expands to meet changing needs
    • Repositionable. Accessories can be moved as needed to support each user's ergonomic comfort
    • Adjustable. Many accessories tilt and articulate for greater comfort and ease of use
    • ESD paint available. Finish any component with ESD paint for static-sensitive applications
Storage Cabinets
LISTA® modular drawer storage cabinets are the perfect solution for storing small parts and inventory. They offer the highest density storage, combined with an almost infinite variety of cabinet sizes and drawer heights.
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    • 100% full drawer extension. Allows for complete use of cubic space and full, easy access to drawer contents
    • Mobile solutions. Variety of mobile storage cabinets for storage at the work site
    • Static-safe. Equip your cabinets with ESD paint, conductive storage boxes, and a variety of other static-safe accessories – we also offer a complete system of ESD storage cabinets for areas that require full ESD protection and a static-safe environment
    • Wide range of cabinet styles. Including drawer cabinets, shelf cabinets with doors, cabinets with roll-out trays and many more
    • Partitioning slots. Sub-divide and customize drawer layouts for better organization, flexibility, and easier retrieval
    • Flush drawer handles. Help prevent clothing from snagging, while improving safety and appearance
    • Locking systems available. Choose from a variety of systems for secure, safe storage.
Storage Wall® Systems
Take full advantage of your vertical space with the most versatile storage system on the market. Our unique Storage Wall System is ideal for storing work in progress, repair supplies, electronic devices, test instruments, and small- and medium-sized parts. Plus, our design and technical support team can help you create a solution that best suits your space and needs – free of charge.
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    • Versatile and space-saving. Customizable combination of drawers, shelves and/or roll-out trays to store items of diverse sizes and shapes – all in a single unit
    • Modular configuration. Arrange and rearrange your layout to meet evolving storage and retrieval needs
    • Maximizes vertical space. Select from 6 standard heights of up to 10 ft. for more space-efficient storage that can reduce the amount of floor space used
    • Stackable. Stack individual systems up to 4-high or arrange as multi-story installations with mezzanines for even greater vertical storage and access
    • Choice of depth. Choose full-depth systems to easily store and retrieve a variety of large and small items, or shallow-depth systems where aisle and floor space is critical 
    • Space-efficient drawers. Drawers and roll-out trays slide out 100%, even with a full 440 lb. load, for complete use of cubic space and easy access to all contents
    • Flexible layout. Adjustable drawers, shelves, and trays can be combined in any sequence in any section and easily rearranged
    • Track-guided safety ladder. Makes getting to parts easy – and ladder folds flat when not in use so aisle is never blocked