Technical Manager Station

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Our control stations and other storage solutions offer a secure, efficient and productive area to run the operation with maximum results.
Control Stations
The LISTA® control station gives managers a private office right in the middle of the action in a busy slot repair department. This mini-office – a unique combination of workbench, bookshelf, and cabinet – creates a private, lockable workspace with a small footprint. Plus, it provides organized storage space and ready access to manuals and tools.
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    • Work area with pegboard backing and one or two bookshelves. Maximizes use of available space above the worksurface
    • Slide-down tambour door locks. Located at the desktop or at the base of the control station to protect total contents of station
    • Modular drawers. Can be configured for compartmentalized storage of office and management tools, or to hold hanging files
    • Openings in pegboard. Allow access to electrical power supply
    • Built-in fluorescent light. Illuminates workspace for maximum visibility
    • Available in two heights. 91-1/2" or 99-3/8"
    • Ergonomically convenient worksurface height. 35-1/4"
    • Small footprint. 60-1/4" W x 29-3/4" D
Technical Workstations
Going modular can help you create versatile technical workstations that increase efficiency and productivity in any assembly, repair, or R&D environment.
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    • Modern design. Workstations look sleek and sophisticated
    • Flexibility. Standard components and accessories can be integrated above or below the worksurface
    • Ergonomic. Helps promote easy, safe access while minimizing strain
    • Built-in electrical power supply. Ensures power where you need it
    • Worksurface options. Plastic laminate, static dissipative laminate, stainless steel, phenolic resin, or butcher block
    • Customizable drawers. Helps improve organization and speed item retrieval
    • Pedestal variety. Choose from an array of sizes and styles
    • Level worksurface. Easy-to-access leveling adjustments
    • Static-safe. Comes with complete ESD solutions: static dissipative worksurfaces, ESD paint, grounding accessories, grounding blocks, and static-safe storage boxes
Drawer Storage Cabinets
LISTA® industrial cabinets offer high-density storage and a range of cabinet footprints and drawer heights to create your most productive work environment.
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    • Welded drawers. Unique construction provides full dimensional stability
    • Smooth extension. Suspension system features quiet Polyoxymethylene (POM) bearings for smooth drawer extension 
    • Fully extendable drawers. Drawers extend 100% even when loaded to 440 lb. capacity
    • PrevenTip® interlock system. Our patented system helps prevent tipping by allowing only one drawer to be extended at a time
    • Full-height side and back walls. Allow the entire cubic capacity of the drawer to be used
    • Hinged plastic drawer handle covers. Help protect drawer labels from wear and tear
    • Easy to organize. Drawer partitioning slots allow flexible subdivision for better item organization and angled top edges allow fast, accurate identification of compartment contents
Storage Wall® Systems
Conveniently store your smallest and largest items in one organized, accessible location with customizable Storage Wall Systems
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    • Versatile and space-saving. Configure drawers, shelves and/or roll-out trays into the ideal storage and retrieval system – then add partitions to customize each section of storage space
    • Maximizes vertical space. Select from 6 standard heights of up to 10 ft. for more space-efficient storage that can reduce the amount of floor space used
    • Stackable. Stack individual systems up to 4-high or arrange as multi-story installations with mezzanines for even greater vertical storage and access
    • Secures and protects items. Choose from a variety of locking systems and door configurations, including sliding, hinged, and vertical tambour doors
Workbench Chair - Upholstered
Our upholstered workbench chair is flexibly designed to provide maximum comfort for different users.
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    • Heavy-duty construction. 300 lb. seating capacity and designed for multiple-shift use
    • Single pneumatic lever. Easily adjusts seat height from 21” to 28 1/2”, positioning worker for most workbench applications
    • Adjustable 18” footring. Provides ergonomic positioning for optimum foot support
    • Mid- and high-backrest options. Provide tailored comfort for different-sized users
    • Mechanism options. Choose between simple or deluxe seat mechanisms 
    • Optional armrests. Add to provide additional arm support during assembly
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