Fashion Design

Spacious storage and workspace solutions that free you to express your creativity.
Study in style with workbenches, worktables, and accessories customized to create the most productive fashion design classroom learning environment.
Workstations & Workbenches
For personal work areas that blend storage and security with style, student workbenches fit the bill. They can be stationary or mobile, are available with drawer storage cabinet pedestal, and accommodate a range of Nexus® above-the-worksurface accessories.
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    • Ergonomically designed. Easy, safe access with a minimum of stress and strain
    • Nexus® Accessory System. Create exactly the bench you need, with accessories such as electrical power, shelves, markerboard/tackboards, overhead lighting and more
    • Cabinet pedestals. Available with drawers in 11 different heights, as well as roll-out trays and hinged doors with shelf storage
    • Hinged lock bar. Allows students to secure their belongings with a personal padlock
    • Customizable drawer compartments. Maximum organization of stored items
    • Optional casters. Makes it easy to reconfigure, move, and clean the work area
Nexus® Accessory System
The Nexus System is a functional, flexible collection of above-worksurface accessories ergonomically designed to help maximize performance and safety.
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    • Articulating arms. Hold monitors and other equipment to clear the worksurface for the task at hand
    • Flexible modular design. Can easily be adapted or expanded to meet changing needs 
    • Size options. Available in a variety of heights and widths for optimum configurability
    • Repositionable. Accessories can be easily repositioned for individualized ergonomic comfort – and many tilt and articulate for greater ease of use
    • Compatible with existing workbenches. Mount accessories on any existing LISTA® workbench or other manufacturer's workbench, for affordable enhancement to existing equipment
Mobile Worktables
LISTA® industrial workbenches with casters bring flexibility, mobility, and convenience to the busy fashion design classroom.
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    • Room to work. Flat, spacious worksurface provides plenty of room to roll out, mark, and cut patterns and bolts of fabric
    • Bottom shelf. Adds convenient storage without inhibiting mobility
    • Butcher block top. 1-3/4" thick, satin-finished butcher block top stands up to years of abuse while maintaining a stylish appearance
    • Height options. Available in a variety of heights to suit individual requirements
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