5S Workplace Methodology

5 Ways 5S Methodology Improves Efficiency & Productivity in the Warehouse July 14, 2014

Promoting efficiency across all levels of a warehouse or facility is imperative to a business’ overall success. With a fluctuating market, it’s even more important for manufacturers across the country to improve processes and enhance quick, more efficient production.

As we’ve previously discussed, manufacturers are increasingly prioritizing 5S in their workflow in an effort to decrease waste and optimize productivity.  The 5S methodology, also known as the 5 pillars of a visual workplace, maintains an orderly workplace while utilizing visual cues to create more consistent operational results.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways warehouses can implement 5S to drive efficiency and productivity:

  • Increased Organization: The 5S methodology involves streamlining workflow initiatives by determining how to use and return items. Parts and tools should be stored in a manner that makes them readily available to use, cutting down potential time used searching for tools.
  • Maximum Storage Density: Within 5S, significant reductions in the square footage of required space for existing operations can be achieved. The methodology eliminates any unnecessary items from the production line, which frees up space that can be used more efficiently. 

    LISTA’s mobile cabinets, for example, come equipped with full-height sidewalls, partitions, and dividers so organizations can utilize the entire cubic capacity of drawers, creating the highest density storage. Drawer partitioning accessories also enable companies to customize compartments for complete protection and organization of tools, electronic parts, and more.
  • Optimized Efficiency and Productivity: The main objective of 5S methodology is comprised of systematically improving productivity by creating and maintaining an orderly workplace. Deeper than identifying and organizing items so they’re easier to find, 5S involves establishing a sense of “flow.”

    Streamlined efficiency can be achieved with LISTA’s toolboxes, by seamlessly enabling the workspace to be transported to wherever a worker needs to be on the warehouse or facility floor.
  • Designated Space and Place for Everything:  With the 5S mantra being “A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place,” parts and tools should be organized in a way that makes them both easy to use and accessible. 

    Storage cabinets with barcoded handles and compartments for small assembly pieces allow manufacturers to minimize wasted time as a result of unorganized or messy inventory. Utilizing such storage solutions improves the manufacturing cycle and fosters quicker, more efficient production.
  • Flexibility Within the Workspace: To establish a streamlined workflow, 5S methodology helps to add flexibility to production lines in an effort to facilitate quicker turnaround times. Based on unique facility requirements, storage solutions should be able to adjust accordingly.

LISTA’s flexible workbench, for instance, works with existing conveyor systems to boost employee efficiency and keep the process moving smoothly.

With consolidation and maximum space usage becoming workplace trends in manufacturing facilities, companies are becoming more reliant on lean methodologies such as 5S to create highly flexible production environments. The future of manufacturing is hard to predict but companies can continually work to enhance manufacturing processes and create more efficient operations to best position themselves for success now and into the future.

How has your warehouse used 5S to boost workplace productivity?

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