3 Aviation Storage Solutions

3 Must-Have Storage Systems for Aviation Maintenance & Repair January 07, 2014
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When it comes to aviation maintenance and repair, it’s critical to have a storage system that can stand up to the most hostile of environments. Whether it’s for military or commercial applications, proper aircraft maintenance involves having the ability to store, protect, and identify valuable repair tools to get the job done right. 

LISTA’s aviation service and repair solutions provide safe and secure storage and transport for critical aviation parts and tools. Here’s a look at 3 must-have LISTA aviation storage solutions: 

1. Technician Series Toolboxes: Rugged, durable, and backed by a lifetime guarantee, LISTA’s suite of technician toolboxes are designed to provide maximum flexibility and dependability. For aviation maintenance and repair in particular, LISTA toolboxes offer a variety of features that can lead to streamlined operations, including heavy-duty casters with total lock brakes, non-slip mesh drawer liners, 440 lb. capacity full-extension drawers, and more. 

2. Mobile Flight Line Tool Cabinets: LISTA mobile CTKs, mobile APG boxes, mobile Crew Chief boxes and carts, and mobile weapons boxes are all-steel solutions built for rugged use in military settings. For critical flight line maintenance and repair operations, mobile solutions offer maximum security with cabinet options like heavy-duty hinged lock bars for padlocks, and drawer lock-in-lock-out (LILO) safety devices with open and close release levers in front for easy access. 

3. Work Centers: For aviation maintenance and repair tasks, LISTA’s standard selection of workbenches offer efficient, ergonomic solutions that improve productivity and save on floor space. Key features of the Arlink Workbench for example, include heavy-duty construction, durable worksurface choices, mobile versatility, a variety of storage options, and more. 
Need aviation storage solutions that can withstand the harshest of conditions while leading to enhanced productivity and efficiency? 

For maintenance and repair tasks, LISTA aviation storage systems are up to the task – every time.