Global Module
This is a full-width hero module with a capability of choosing a H1 header. This is one of the global modules for SBD skinned for LISTA and Vidmar. It can have multiple slides and the text block slide can have a background image as well. 

two Callouts

ListaWorks custom solutions
Reskinned from DW, updated for SS

two callouts module

The Two Callouts Module houses the half width image callout and half width RTF callout.

new module for ss

This is a new module developed for Storage Solutions. There are four variants to this module. The content can be displayed overlaid on image or beside the image - either by itself, or with navigation bar or navigation arrows. 

two column flex module
global module

This is one of the global modules and has 4 variations with image alignment and video capability.

Module Functional Specs

3 column content module

Reskinned from B+D, Updated for SS

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