Tampa Electric

Tampa Electric distribution center warehouse consolidates storage density with LISTA storage solutions April 16, 2014


Tampa Electric, Tampa, FL. Electrical power utility serving West Central Florida.


Tampa Electric's Energy Delivery department, which houses materials and power delivery tools used by line crews, needed to consolidate three warehouses worth of small parts storage into one main warehouse of approximately 41,000 sq. ft. By losing the other two warehouses, the department would forfeit about 12,000 sq. ft. of storage space. To make matters more difficult, Energy Delivery's central warehouse would also serve as a distribution center for four satellite storerooms.


The new main warehouse would require an even higher level of efficiency and organization.


A combination of the LISTA Storage Wall® System and stacked drawer and shelf cabinets helped Tampa Electric to reach its goals. The storage system houses an eclectic array of items related to power delivery: O-rings, nuts, bolts, safety equipment, auto parts for the utility fleet, and utility-pole adapters, to name a few.


LISTA was able to provide a system tailor-made to Tampa Electric's storage needs – a system that enhanced customer satisfaction, provided for tighter inventory control, eliminated wasted space and improved both safety and aesthetics.


Drawer Storage Cabinets