Morristown Medical Center

Central Supply Makeover Positions Growing Hospital for Success April 15, 2013


Morristown Medical Center


Morristown needed to upgrade its cramped and aging central supply area.


As Morristown had grown to be the number one area hospital for several specialty services, the central supply area had been somewhat overlooked. Most equipment was 20-25 years old and nearing the end of its useful lifecycle, and hospital administration saw that they could no longer keep up with the total workload. They decided to completely renovate the CS area, and embarked on a $7 million renovation that would bring it up to the highest standards and provide sufficient capacity for future growth.


The renovation included LISTA high density storage and prep and pack workstations, as well as new Amsco® V-PRO™ 1 Plus sterilizers, and new instrument and cart washers.


Morristown currently works on about 100 surgical cases a day, five days a week, and is seriously considering adding 2 operating rooms, going from 28 to 30 in the next five years. "We have to look at maximizing space so I can be ready to increase our ability to work on more cases while keeping up with the demand in CS."

John Meggs explains that a lot of hospitals are trying to attract the top surgeons and add specialties, and the system used to pack surgical instruments is dictated by the surgeon and their personal likes and dislikes. The environment changes often, so he needed a storage system that has flexibility, allowing for different tray sizes, as well as the ability to stack containers to maximize use of shelf space. 


Storage Wall Systems
Drawer Storage Cabinets