Sliding shelf units

Sliding shelf units Storerooms in archives, in trade and industry, in the office and in the workshop are always too small. September 02, 2018 download
The sliding shelf unit provides double the storage space. The principle is simple: the individual shelf units are pushed together and opened only where something needs to be taken out. The individual components of the shelf unit roll smoothly on rails. The sliding shelf unit is easy to operate even when it is fully loaded. If the sliding shelf unit is located in a freely accessible room, it can be secured by a robust central locking system with a cylinder lock.
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Other tools

    Partition material

    The flexible partition material is compatible with all LISTA products and will ensure you can maintain perfect order.

    Drawer partition material


Shelves, dividers and shelf front cover strips

The shelves feature a load capacity of 80 or 150 kg. The shelves are available in a plain specification or with rows of slots for subdivision with dividers. Shelf front cover strips can be installed to enable you to store loose material neatly and tidily.

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