Custom-configure your Lista height adjustable workbench with a variety of workstation configurations. Rear-justified bases create the perfect environment for single workers, and are best suited to the addition of Nexus system accessories.

Center-justified bases allow easy access from either size of the worksurface.

Choose the perfect configuration for your height adjustable workbench.

DimensionsBase Type
L x D MotorizedHand CrankSlide
30" x 24"ALE/R3024ALC/R3024ALS/R3024
30" x 30"ALE/R3030ALC/R3030ALS/R3030
30" x 36"ALE/R3036ALC/R3036ALS/R3036
48" x 24"ALE/R4824ALC/R4824ALS/R4824
48" x 30"ALE/R4830ALC/R4830ALS/R4830
48" x 36"ALE/R4836ALC/R4836ALS/R4836
60" x 24"ALE/R6024ALC/R6024ALS/R6024
60" x 30"ALE/R6030ALC/R6030ALS/R6030
60" x 36"ALE/R6036ALC/R6036ALS/R6036
72" x 24"ALE/R7224ALC/R7224ALS/R7224
72" x 30"ALE/R7230ALC/R7230ALS/R7230
72" x 36"ALE/R7236ALC/R7236ALS/R7236
90" x 24"ALE/R9024ALC/R9024ALS/R9024
90" x 30"ALE/R9030ALC/R9030ALS/R9030
90" x 36"ALE/R9036ALC/R9036ALS/R9036

DimensionsBase Type
L x DMotorizedHand CrankSlide
30" x 30"ALE/C3030ALC/C3030ALS/C3030
30" x 36"ALE/C3036ALC/C3036ALS/C3036
48" x 30"ALE/C4830ALC/C4830ALS/C4830
48" x 36"ALE/C4836ALC/C4836ALS/C4836
60" x 30"ALE/C6030ALC/C6030ALS/C6030
60" x 36"ALE/C6036ALC/C6036ALS/C6036
60" x 48"ALE/C6048ALC/C6048ALS/C6048
72" x 30"ALE/C7230ALC/C7230ALS/C7230
72" x 36"ALE/C7236ALC/C7236ALS/C7236
72" x 48"ALE/C7308ALC/C7308ALS/C7308
90" x 30"ALE/C9030ALC/C9030ALS/C9030
90" x 36"ALE/C9036ALC/C9036ALS/C9036
90" x 48"ALE/C9048ALC/C9048ALS/C9048

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