The Nexus Accessory System goes above and beyond to bring functionality and versatility to your workbench.

Raise the performance of your Lista workbench – literally. Our Nexus system is a highly functional and flexible collection of above-worksurface accessories and modular components. All of its components are ergonomically designed to increase productivity and decrease risk of injury.

Product Details:

Lista Nexus Accessories
An incredible selection of accessories
Lista articulating arm Nexus accessory
Arms hold monitors and other equipment
Lista modular design
Modular design
Lista ESD worktop accessories
Great variety of heights and widths
Lista Nexus Accessory System
Accessories can be repositioned for users
Lista, Nexus System articulating accessories
Many accessories tilt and articulate
Lista vertical space integrator accessories
Can be retrofitted to any workbench
Lista ESD Nexus System
Available with ESD paint

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