Maintenance & Repair

When expanding its operations in Juncos, Puerto Rico, Amgen needed the right storage and workstation solutions for its research and manufacturing facility. See how Lista’s array of space-saving products solved the problem.

Due to its disorganized, inefficient storage, Westervelt Co. was losing both time and money. See how Lista’s mezzanine systems resulted in maintenance savings.

Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc.’s storage systems were disorganized, lacking in functionality, and aesthetically unattractive. See why they invested in a Lista storage system—and how the benefits have paid off.

Calpine Morgan Energy Center was looking for a storage solution that would reduce costs, maximize productivity, and enable efficiency. See how Lista’s versatile storage solution helped the company do just that.

Tampa Electric’s Energy Department was consolidating three warehouses’ worth of storage into one and needed a high level of organization and efficiency for the new warehouse. See how Lista’s storage solutions helped achieve the goal.

New York Daily News needed its new facility’s storage systems to be efficient and cost-effective. See how Lista’s storage solutions met their requirements.

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