Case Studies

How does Lista make workspace work for companies like yours? Check out our library of case studies to find out.

Manufacturing – Assembly

Following a fire that broke out which destroyed much of their operation’s equipment, Automated Circuit Design (ACD) set out to purchase replacement workstations. See how Lista Arlink 8000 Modular Workstations helped meet their needs.

Making the move batch to lean manufacturing, Cirtronics had a need to replace its old stationary tables with individual workstations. See why they decided to purchase Align Adjustable Height Workstations for every department.

Manufacturing – Electronics

Infineon Technologies, a manufacturer of semiconductor and system solutions had a desire to eliminate wasted space and unnecessary equipment. See how Lista ESD technical electronic workbenches were chosen to provide versatility for operators.

Johnson Controls was in the process of consolidating multiple labs, creating a need for new lab furniture to equip their design cells. See how Lista workstations helped create remarkable space savings above and below the work surface.

Manufacturing – Labs & Clean Rooms

Aprilis, Inc. wanted a cost-effective and efficient space for their chemistry lab. See how Aprilis added 200 linear ft. of chemical lab casework comprised of 16 different technical lab workbenches and several sink cabinets.

Marzetti Co. was using poorly designed, antiquated metal cabinets and laboratory case work at their workplace. They chose Lista to install a workplace system with modular drawer storage cabinets and workbenches. See the results.

Molex Inc. was experiencing fast-paced growth and needed to double the size of their reliability and test engineering laboratory while expanding workspace and storage capacity. Learn how Lista cabinets were customized to the meet Molex standards.

Manufacturing – Machining/Fabrication

C&D Aerospace, a design and manufacturing company of quality aircraft interior components, wanted to better organize its tools by building a tool crib. See how Lista cabinets, workbenches, and tool transporters helped it come together.

Magnum 2000 had recently purchased close to $600,000 worth of precision quick-change tool heads for its machining center and needed to replace their outdated mix of boxes, wooden tables and old cabinets. See why they turned to Lista.

Stanley Machining & Tool Corp. needed a larger storage area to suit their growing milling capabilities and expanding CNC tooling production. With limited floor space available, the company turned to the Lista Storage Wall System.

Tremec needed more space in their tool crib but had no more space to expand. See how they replaced inefficient open shelving with a variety of Lista’s space-efficient tooling storage and workspace solutions.

Manufacturing – Medical Manufacturing

As part of a lean manufacturing program implementation, Nonin Medical needed to replace their cumbersome workstations. See how Lista workstations helped increase space and improve productivity.

Manufacturing – Warehouse/Distribution

Corporate Jet Support had enough storage space but were not using it efficiently. See how Lista HS cabinets and Storage Wall systems helped make item retrieval easier and improved efficiency in the facility.

Sager needed to find a solution for their new centralized distribution center to replace outdated racks and industrial shelving. See how Lista drawer cabinets increased storage density, productivity, picking accuracy, and reduced wasted space.

Schmersal, a leading distributor of industrial safety products and switches, had outgrown its warehouse space and needed a new distribution center that would provide ample room for storage. See how Lista's Storage Wall system helped meet their needs.

When Titan USA’s main distribution center became crowded the company’s old, metal industrial shelving was no longer a feasible solution. See how Lista cabinets helped increase storage capacity and improve efficiency.

Workspace storage systems company Lista is turning the old adage, "Do as I say, not as I do" on its head when it comes to manufacturing products at its Holliston, MA facility.

Maintenance & Repair

When expanding its operations in Juncos, Puerto Rico, Amgen needed the right storage and workstation solutions for its research and manufacturing facility. See how Lista’s array of space-saving products solved the problem.

Due to its disorganized, inefficient storage, Westervelt Co. was losing both time and money. See how Lista’s mezzanine systems resulted in maintenance savings.

Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc.’s storage systems were disorganized, lacking in functionality, and aesthetically unattractive. See why they invested in a Lista storage system—and how the benefits have paid off.

Calpine Morgan Energy Center was looking for a storage solution that would reduce costs, maximize productivity, and enable efficiency. See how Lista’s versatile storage solution helped the company do just that.

Tampa Electric’s Energy Department was consolidating three warehouses’ worth of storage into one and needed a high level of organization and efficiency for the new warehouse. See how Lista’s storage solutions helped achieve the goal.

New York Daily News needed its new facility’s storage systems to be efficient and cost-effective. See how Lista’s storage solutions met their requirements.

Government – Local/State

The Genesee County Road Commission was housed in a garage area with disorganized overflow stuffed in a cramped space. See how Lista’s range of offerings helped transform the facility’s Equipment Department stockroom.

Government – Law Enforcement

When Vestige installed a new computer laboratory, they needed to replace their inefficient workstations. See how Lista’s Arlink® 8000 Workstation System provided modularity and ease of assembly.

Vehicle & Engine Service & Repair – Aviation Service & Repair

When Jensen Aviation built its new-from-the-ground-up facility, it needed a heavy-duty storage solution for its rugged storage and workspace equipment. See how Lista helped find the ideal solution.

Northwest Airlines’ had a pressing need to reorganize its shop and optimize available space. See how Lista equipment helped increase efficiency & productivity—as well as offer peace of mind.

Vehicle & Engine Service & Repair – Racing

When Panoz Motor Sports set out to build a modern team facility, it needed a comprehensive offering of products to equip a wide number of departments and functions. See how Lista’s storage and workspace system helped get the job done.

Toyota Racing Department was running out of patience with its disorganized storage. See how Lista’s array of products—stationary, mobile, stacked—provided the ideal solution and innumerable benefits.

Education & Training

Mercedes-Benz needed to outfit its Training Center with aesthetically pleasing workbenches and storage systems. See how Lista’s storage solutionS helped employees focus on training instead of locating parts.

UC San Diego needed to create a new laboratory workspace for innovation that would be conducive to productivity, security, responsibility, and cleanliness. See how Lista helped them achieve their goal.

The UW Formula Motorsports team is into some serious fun as evidenced by their participation in the Formula SAE® competition for more than 20 years. Learn how Lista helped UW achieve the most successful year in its 24-year Formula SAE team history.

Comfort. Simplicity. Versatility. Durability. To Spear Education’s continuing dental curriculum, these classroom features were necessities. See how our solutions boosted the bottom line in this modern facility expansion.

Medical – Healthcare

Hackensack University Medical Center’s distribution services were being slowed by an inefficient storage system and its supply room was underutilized. See how Lista’s modular storage system proved to be the ideal solution.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s Central Sterile Processing (CSP) department had storage methods that were cumbersome and its workstations were not designed for maximum efficiency. See how Lista helped solve the problem.

New York-Presbyterian Hospital needed a storage system that would maximize its Central Supply/Sterilization department. See how a Lista installation provided greater efficiency and maximum space utilization.

Riverside Methodist Hospital’s inefficient storage made for poor inventory control and inconsistent response time in emergency environments. See how Lista’s modular drawer storage systems led to greater efficiency.

When a tropical storm flooded Houston Texas Medical Center’s basement, its casework benches were beyond repair. See how Lista’s technical electronic workbenches provided the ideal solution.

When Peebles Prosthetics built a new facility to accommodate its growing business, it needed to maximize efficiency and comfort for its dental technicians. See how the Arlink® Modular Workstation System did just that.

When busy Morristown Medical Center needed to upgrade its cramped and aging central supply area, it pulled out all the stops, investing in high density storage solutions from Lista International.

Barksdale Dental Lab dreamed of a new laboratory space defined by their decades-long devotion to quality. From cabinets to benches and everything in between, our modular and adjustable workstations turned dreams into reality.

Specialty Solutions – Museums

When the Columbus Center was to be showcased on Baltimore's acclaimed Inner Harbor, the facility had to be furnished with functional and aesthetically pleasing laboratory furniture. See how Lista workspace solutions saved the day.

The Schenectady Museum had an antiquated shelving system and needed to upgrade its storage area with a system capable of providing environmental protection for artifacts. See how Lista’s Storage Wall® System provided an optimal solution.


Oakley needed to create the largest-ever custom sunglass and goggle bar for the 2012 London Olympic Games. See how Lista provided a customized solution to help accommodate the enormous collection of eyewear frames, parts, accessories, and tools.

Vehicle & Engine Service & Repair – Automotive Dealerships

AlphaCars and Ural of New England is known throughout the region for selling and servicing high end vehicles. Read about how Lista came to the dealer’s aid after an initial installation done 10 years ago.

Fargo, North Dakota-based Gateway Automotive embarked on a remodeling campaign at its Chevrolet Cadillac dealership to increase technician storage and improve efficiency while promoting the professional image it was seeking.

One of the most common questions decision-makers face is deciding between traditional shelving and drawer storage cabinets. We attempt to settle this debate with additional assistance from one of our customers.

Learn the benefits of implementing advanced hardware and software storage systems and take a deep-dive into conventional, automated and high-density storage systems.

A step-by-step approach to selecting an appropriate workbench should be followed. Learn the key factors in choosing the right workbench for your business.

In the lab space, purchasing workstations that can support changing environments such as expansion and consolidation through mergers is crucial. Learn which factors must be considered prior to investing in workstations for the lab.

In order for customers to meet productivity demands of their jobs, they need a workstation that puts them in a situation to succeed. Explore the evolution of workstations from early work benches to today’s products.

Lista’s lean manufacturing concepts provide customers high quality custom-configured products with the shortest turn-around time in the industry. Follow along as we explore the lean process and explain the benefits it provides.

The 5S methodology as part of continuous improvement or lean manufacturing processes has gained traction. We take a deep dive into the 5S workplace organization methodology with some visual assistance.

For automotive dealerships, the parts department acts as the lifeline of profitable operation. Learn how Lista storage options can address disorganization or simply improve a process that is already fairly efficient.

The workstations of automotive service departments were once an area forbidden to the eyes of customers. See how Lista’s technician workstations not only meet visual standards, but meet the needs of technicians on an individual basis.

Workplace injuries and strains have sharply been on the rise, which could be a result of uncomfortable seating, work areas at wrong heights, and more. See why employers must adjust the workspace to meet employees’ ergonomic needs.

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