U.S. Manufacturing Shows Signs of Stabilizing; Consumer Spending Remains Flat

According to the latest Reuters article, the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) said its index of national factory activity increased 0.2% to 48.2 last month but consumer spending remained flat. lista storage wall 

Last month, more companies reported a growth in orders and production, the article says. Inventory levels and order books seemed to be stabilizing.

A separate Market report showed signs of manufacturing rebounding, with the U.S. manufacturing PMI bouncing back last month from December’s 38-month low. The survey also reports faster growth in production and new orders, states the article.

However, consumer spending remained unchanged in December after increasing 0.5% in November, reports the Commerce Department. Data shows spending on long-lasting items such as cars dropped 0.9% while purchases on nondurable goods, such as apparel, fell 0.9%.

While data showed consumer spending was flat in December, an increase in savings to a three-year high offered promise that consumption would rebound in the coming months.

"The bad news is manufacturing is still contracting, but the good news is there are some signs of stabilization,” says economist Thomas Costerg, in the article.  “There are still some dark clouds hovering over the first quarter and we hope consumers will return as savings are high.” 

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