Packing and Shipping Workbenches

Lista International Corporation unveils its advanced workbenches designed to meet the specific needs of packing and shipping applications. These fully customizable, modular benches offer unlimited flexibility to accommodate changing or future needs.

The workbenches are available in a variety of lengths and depths, and also offer a wide selection of worksurfaces, including butcher block, plastic laminate, pressed wood, galvanized steel and stainless steel.

Beneath the worksurface, the workbenches feature full-height, vertical wire shelf dividers, offering custom, slotted storage for corrugated or other bulk materials such as cardboard pieces. Lista's workbenches can be configured with cabinet pedestals and/or legs to create cost-effective, custom workbenches. When Lista's modular drawer storage cabinets serve as pedestals for the workbenches, they offer organized, efficient storage for paperwork, small supplies, and files. This systematic storage provides better workspace organization, which results in improved productivity.

Above the worksurface, a full range of accessories is available with Lista's enhanced Nexus Accessory System, offering easy access to packing material items at arm height. The workbenches offer holders for rolls of paper, bubble wrap and other long items on rolls, and spool holders for rolls of labels.

The entire Nexus Accessory System provides a highly functional, modular accessory solution and can support a variety of Nexus accessories, including heavy-duty shelves with wire dividers, plastic box rails, lights, electrical attachments, and parts bins. Other accessories include monitor trays and document holders.

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