Align® Adjustable Height Workstation

Lista International Corporation introduces the Align® Adjustable Height Workstation, which brings the user an unsurpassed level of ergonomic comfort, flexible functionality and enhanced productivity. It can be easily adjusted to accommodate the worker with the appropriate worksurface height.

The adjustability of this product makes it ideally suited for such tasks as repair, testing and assembly of mechanical and electronic products and components, packaging, calibration and R&D development.

Designed with the operator in mind, the worksurface of the Align® Adjustable Height Workstation aligns with the worker's optimal reach zone to reduce fatigue, stress and potential injury. Its advanced ergonomic design also works to optimize production throughput.

The height of the worksurface can be easily adjusted from 25.5" to 41.5" through use of a motorized, hand crank or slide leg base. The motorized base can be preset with three height positions. All uprights and components move in relation to the worksurface height. The workstation can support up to 1,000 lbs.

The Align® Adjustable Height Workstation is available with a variety of worksurfaces, including butcher block, plastic laminate, and static dissipative.

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