Lista Listaworks™ Dental Laboratory Industry Custom-Configurable Process

Complimentary service maximizes efficiency and flexibility and optimizes profitability

Lista International Corporation's innovative ListaWorks™ service is a unique process for providing the highest-quality, custom-configurable solution that precisely fits dental laboratory customers' unique space requirements.

With ListaWorks, experts survey current and future storage and workspace needs, then propose solutions that provide the highest density and greatest productivity. The detailed, customized plan for individual workspace and storage needs is guaranteed to maximize efficiency and flexibility while optimizing space and profitability.

The process begins with customized surveys and layout development, and includes 3D layouts of the facility, so customers can visualize how the suggested products will work in their specific space.

Lista offers workspace and cabinet solutions that provide dental laboratories with functional designs, flexible configurations and technician-friendly environments. The extensive line of solutions for all the areas found in a laboratory, including technician, plaster, and ceramic/porcelain areas, as well as supply rooms, CAD/CAM stations, and shipping and administrative areas, means Lista can be your single source for everything you need, now and in the future.

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